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Friday, September 4, 2009

What Other 'RULES' Do They Break..

I wanted to do a 'happy' dance, but I was too disgusted
to do one.

I found out what I was correct about there being too
many kids in the resource room at the HIGH SCHOOL.

Two years ago this fall, I went to Heidi Carvin after calling
six different schools in the area.

At the time there was only ONE resource room for E.B.D.
and it was failing. She had to many cases and some were
neglected and I.E.P.'s were being violated. ( Which a district
can be sued for under civil rights)

Part of the problem was this teacher could not admit she
needed help. They tried to give her help at one point and she
drove this aid out by telling lies..

This teacher is a huge control freak and can not admit when she
is wrong.

Anyway both the Dept of Wisconsin Public Inst, and another
special ed teacher from another district, (Brodhead) told me
there are caps on how many students could be in resource, E.B.D.
room. Evansville was violating that cap,, over and over again.

Brodhead who came the closest to our student count at the
H.S. , was one of the six districts I had checked with. They had
3 resource rooms. THREE,, NOT ONE ,,, had over twenty
students in it... Not one. AT ANY ONE TIME... HAD over

NONE of the districts I checked with bigger or smaller had
more than 20 students in it at anyone time.. NOT ONE.

At the time Evansville's E.B.D. had over 30, at one point I was
told by staff 35.

So besides breaking attendance laws and at the time this
resource room caps,, what other rules do you think they break????

At the same time telling kids,, behave yourselves follow the rules.

By the way after taking the time to meet with Heidi and show her
the numbers she did nothing. Because she knew they were in the
wrong and had no desire to fix it, neither did krista Jones. Just kept
breaking the caps... a major violation.

I will add in closing that last year a part time teacher was added to
help with this issue, not a a aid, but a teacher.. This school year this
teacher was suppose to be added full time. They will be looking at
adding another teacher in the next few years.

How are they paying for this?/?? Stimulus funds for the special
education ,,, just like they should..

About time. The kids deserve better.

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