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Friday, September 4, 2009

What Kind Of Restaurant Would You Support?

Paul Revere's is back in town. I for one am glad.
We would order from at least 1-2 times a month
when they were in town before.

But seriously as someone else brought up, what
would it take to get a decent solid restaurant in

It's a hard thing to ask in this economy.

But we have found Outback and Texas Roadhouse
as our favorites of late.

But how nice would it be to have a steak house in
town again.

We do have pizza places, which it depends on the day on the quality
of food you get from them.

We have sub places, Subway and Rock and Rollz which both
have really good subs, but how many subs can one person
eat , before that gets old.

A chinese place. Which my husband and kids like. I have never
been a fan though.

The deli is town, we got food there a couple different times
and will never do it again. So many things I could say about
that deli and I won't, I am being kind.

A coffee shop that even though I do not drink much
coffee , they did serve good breakfasts.

We need a good solid steak house. I really liked the Coach House.
Then it switched hands a couple times, and it was good, but I never
thought it was a good as the Coach House. But at least we had one.

I think eventually we will again, it will be a nice change.

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