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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trial begins for coach accused in player's death

This coach definitely has some responsibility in this young man's death.
He denied this young man, and others water on a very hot, hot, day. But
I bet he would have given his dog water. The guy may have been a great
coach but great coaches make mistakes and need to help accountable. Someone

It's funny how when something goes very wrong , no one thinks they are to blame.
If this young man had died from a undetected physical ailment, like a heart issue
it would be different. But this young man died due to this coaches actions.
Its is just very tragic.

"The best example I can give you is like someone shooting into a building not knowing anyone is in there, then killing somebody," Commonwealth's Attorney R. David Stengel told CNN affiliate WHAS in January. "They didn't know they were in there, but they should have known that shooting into a building where people normally are is something dangerous."

It makes one wonder how Evansville's own lawsuit is going, I will check into that.

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