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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Online Teaching May Be Better," says NY Times

" the online school saves 60% on the cost of traditional classrooms. "

It's only a matter of time before schools, Evansville in particular
in Wisconsin start to really see students departing the traditional
brick and mortar for virtual, online classes.

It is partially their own fault. What does Evansville really
offer ,, not much.. Pretty damn depressing.

Their curriculum at the high school is embarrassingly behind
and not enough options.

The class offerings at the Junior high are a joke.

Our friends moved to Cross Plains 4 years ago. The first
thing they noticed the big difference was how far behind
their daughter was in Math compared to Cross Plains students.

This is a girl who is now a Senior in High School and has the
world at her feet.. She is a A++ student. Very bright.
She will be able to go to school where ever she chooses..
She is also a three sport student,, so brains and athletic.

Cross Plains may be larger, but they keep all classes to 20 or less.
Many options in Curriculum at even the Junior High level. They are
exposed to so much more in terms of learning opportunity's.

The virtual schools offer so much more than Evansville its very sad and
Pathetic. Just where are they spending our tax money?

Remember we have the second highest school tax levy in the
county, so where is the money going?

It will be just a matter of time before Evansville starts to see and
feel the loss of students due to their own negligence.

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