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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Is Brilliant

We watched President Obama last night. He is brilliant.

He is so correct that insurance company's have to be stopped
from canceling people's insurance due to serious illness or
pre-existing conditions.

Joe Wilson is a idiot, one republican even calling him
a goobar? I tried the dictionary for that and could not
find a exact spelling.

Joe Wilson lied. Fact Check after the speech pointed
out that it is Joe Wilson that lied.

One reporter said he needs to apologize, resign or leave
leave the country. He was also called out by John McCain.

I have been following this insurance reform very carefully.
Everyone should have insurance. It should not be a privilege.

We are very fortunate that we have insurance. Very good insurance.
Are we afraid we will lose it? No not at all. Anyone who keeps them
selves informed and does not buy into the republicans crap knows that
they are not going to lose their insurance.

People like Sarah Palin should be fined or jailed every time she opens
her mouth and lies. But this is America and free speech and such.

But there is also libel. Sue her ass she will have the money now.
She has quickly become a even bigger joke than when she was running
for v.p.

John McCain is clearly embarrassed by her, after his interview last night.

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