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Friday, September 4, 2009

Not So Much 20

There was a certain school board member who
last week tried to tell me that along with only a
1.1% increase they were keeping class sizes
to 20 or less.

Imagine my surprise when talking with my
daughters teachers and being told , we all have
a few more kids in our class this year. 25 to be

The teacher's I was talking to just kind
of shared this look.

Well I knew this was not true, as when my
son was in H.S. he had a senior English class
that had almost 30

But then again this board member was trying
to impress someone with the less than 2% increase.

Which is not impressive being we are sitting on top
of the Rock with Clinton as it is.

Evidently there are loans that WE tax payers will
be done paying in 2014? and 2021? The H.S. being
in 2021....

So all tax payers would expect the school's tax
to drop substantially .. We tax payers deserve a
huge break from the schools spending ways.

I am sure they think they have kept things in check, but
they did not have a choice, did they? They have already
done their spending years ago.

So I don't know if this board member is just misinformed
or is trying to make people believe they are doing a better
job than they are.

But don't tell people you are keeping classes to
20, when all you have to do is look around, ask
some teachers.

Like I stated earlier nice try at giving them selves a 'pat' on
the back. Not working with anyone who is really paying

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