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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Judges Are Getting Disgusted.

I have included a article about different Judges from around
the country who are getting tired of these banks not following the
rules and laws who are trying to foreclose on homes.

But we have a couple right here in our area who have done
the same thing.

My husband works with a guy in Madison, has worked with
him for years. His wife lost her job a year ago and they have
struggled ever since, with her making quite a bit more than he.

Then ended up in foreclosure and in court. When they went
to court they brought with him the receipts from when they
sent all sorts of paper work to their servicer trying to get their
loan modified. The receipts was from the mailings and the
servicer had to sign for the paperwork.. They could prove they
had been trying to work with the servicer for some time now.
and had been ignored. NOT even a rejection letter saying they
did not qualify. NOTHING.

This Dane County Judge was less than amused.
He questioned the lawyer for the servicer who had
phoned himself in , was not there in person. OF
course this lawyer pleaded ignorance. It would seem
he knew nothing of the attempts by this borrower
to work with the server. Or so he said.

The judge was once again not amused.

He told this lawyer for the servicer that they
best start attempting to work with the borrower
and would have to show him WHY they do not
qualify for loan modification under Obama's Plan
if that is what they tried to come back into the
court saying.

He let this lawyer know that IF they came back
into his court room saying this family did not
qualify, he better be ready to show how they
did not qualify or they would be sent to mediation.

As this Judge told this lawyer.. " This is a long way
from being over , so I suggest you get to work."

After not hearing from the servicer in months except
for when they called them.. Within two days, they heard
from the servicer. They were asked to 'remail' the paperwork.

Another court appearance which was continued
and 6 weeks later they had a loan modification.

WHAT really should make people angry is this was
a servicer who TOOK stimulus money, to do just
that LOAN MODIFICATIONS. They want the tax payer
homes and the tax money... It is basically theft, fraud some
of these servicers are trying to pull off.

Judge's are wising up.. We are very happy for this
family that has never done anything but work hard and fell
on hard times like so many.

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