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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making A Move

We are moving to wordpress.. This is the link.

We have already starting posting on there.

The move should be complete in the next few days.

Brett Favre Sears Outtakes & Commercial

It's good to see he can make fun of himself. He is funny in

At least he can have another career choice for when he
retires after this year.

He is funny watch.

10 Health Care Reform Myths

Obama Is Brilliant

We watched President Obama last night. He is brilliant.

He is so correct that insurance company's have to be stopped
from canceling people's insurance due to serious illness or
pre-existing conditions.

Joe Wilson is a idiot, one republican even calling him
a goobar? I tried the dictionary for that and could not
find a exact spelling.

Joe Wilson lied. Fact Check after the speech pointed
out that it is Joe Wilson that lied.

One reporter said he needs to apologize, resign or leave
leave the country. He was also called out by John McCain.

I have been following this insurance reform very carefully.
Everyone should have insurance. It should not be a privilege.

We are very fortunate that we have insurance. Very good insurance.
Are we afraid we will lose it? No not at all. Anyone who keeps them
selves informed and does not buy into the republicans crap knows that
they are not going to lose their insurance.

People like Sarah Palin should be fined or jailed every time she opens
her mouth and lies. But this is America and free speech and such.

But there is also libel. Sue her ass she will have the money now.
She has quickly become a even bigger joke than when she was running
for v.p.

John McCain is clearly embarrassed by her, after his interview last night.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ex-con tells story of prison lessons and second chances

Very Cool.

"Online Teaching May Be Better," says NY Times

" the online school saves 60% on the cost of traditional classrooms. "

It's only a matter of time before schools, Evansville in particular
in Wisconsin start to really see students departing the traditional
brick and mortar for virtual, online classes.

It is partially their own fault. What does Evansville really
offer ,, not much.. Pretty damn depressing.

Their curriculum at the high school is embarrassingly behind
and not enough options.

The class offerings at the Junior high are a joke.

Our friends moved to Cross Plains 4 years ago. The first
thing they noticed the big difference was how far behind
their daughter was in Math compared to Cross Plains students.

This is a girl who is now a Senior in High School and has the
world at her feet.. She is a A++ student. Very bright.
She will be able to go to school where ever she chooses..
She is also a three sport student,, so brains and athletic.

Cross Plains may be larger, but they keep all classes to 20 or less.
Many options in Curriculum at even the Junior High level. They are
exposed to so much more in terms of learning opportunity's.

The virtual schools offer so much more than Evansville its very sad and
Pathetic. Just where are they spending our tax money?

Remember we have the second highest school tax levy in the
county, so where is the money going?

It will be just a matter of time before Evansville starts to see and
feel the loss of students due to their own negligence.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We got a letter today from Evansville Water&Light.. WHY did it take
SO LONG for them to inform residents that there IS/WAS
coliform bacteria in the water????

What the heck.. There are many babies in this town
that the water is used to make the formula.

Nursing mothers, elderly, people whose immune
systems are not well to begin with , Children..

Take a look at the date on the letter and how long
they took to tell us.

IF any story should have been sent to the gazette this would be it.

They are asking for trouble by not informing people immediately.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Watch This Laughing Bride..

Her laugh is just hilarious.. Oh my goodness.
We laughed at my sister in law's wedding during
the wedding, but nothing like this.

Weddings are suppose to be fun.

The minister shown in the video is
the groom's dad..

Eventually even he laughed.

Aaron Rodgers .. MVP???? YOU BET!!!!!!

He is looking damn good..

Should have shaved the mustache if he was going
to shave the beard..

Luckily those don't effect how he plays.

Eat your hearts out Vikings!!!!!

(if you have one.)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Judges Are Getting Disgusted.

I have included a article about different Judges from around
the country who are getting tired of these banks not following the
rules and laws who are trying to foreclose on homes.

But we have a couple right here in our area who have done
the same thing.

My husband works with a guy in Madison, has worked with
him for years. His wife lost her job a year ago and they have
struggled ever since, with her making quite a bit more than he.

Then ended up in foreclosure and in court. When they went
to court they brought with him the receipts from when they
sent all sorts of paper work to their servicer trying to get their
loan modified. The receipts was from the mailings and the
servicer had to sign for the paperwork.. They could prove they
had been trying to work with the servicer for some time now.
and had been ignored. NOT even a rejection letter saying they
did not qualify. NOTHING.

This Dane County Judge was less than amused.
He questioned the lawyer for the servicer who had
phoned himself in , was not there in person. OF
course this lawyer pleaded ignorance. It would seem
he knew nothing of the attempts by this borrower
to work with the server. Or so he said.

The judge was once again not amused.

He told this lawyer for the servicer that they
best start attempting to work with the borrower
and would have to show him WHY they do not
qualify for loan modification under Obama's Plan
if that is what they tried to come back into the
court saying.

He let this lawyer know that IF they came back
into his court room saying this family did not
qualify, he better be ready to show how they
did not qualify or they would be sent to mediation.

As this Judge told this lawyer.. " This is a long way
from being over , so I suggest you get to work."

After not hearing from the servicer in months except
for when they called them.. Within two days, they heard
from the servicer. They were asked to 'remail' the paperwork.

Another court appearance which was continued
and 6 weeks later they had a loan modification.

WHAT really should make people angry is this was
a servicer who TOOK stimulus money, to do just
that LOAN MODIFICATIONS. They want the tax payer
homes and the tax money... It is basically theft, fraud some
of these servicers are trying to pull off.

Judge's are wising up.. We are very happy for this
family that has never done anything but work hard and fell
on hard times like so many.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Is Brett Favre finished? Numbers suggest he is

In defense of Brett let the real season start
before you help him once again pack his
" retirement bag."...

The Poll Was Ended.

Did everyone have fun... Aaron Rodgers Won....

BECAUSE.... there were some people who were
repeatedly voting for Brett Favre. I told you I
could track , by ISP,,, who was voting. Some
people voted for him 3&4 times.

When I track by ISP , the program I use
when I say track, seriously tracks, right down
to a map of where the location of these ISP's..

So you are not as anonymous as you might think
you are.

That was not the idea behind the poll.

I feel sorry for Bart... not one vote.

What Kind Of Restaurant Would You Support?

Paul Revere's is back in town. I for one am glad.
We would order from at least 1-2 times a month
when they were in town before.

But seriously as someone else brought up, what
would it take to get a decent solid restaurant in

It's a hard thing to ask in this economy.

But we have found Outback and Texas Roadhouse
as our favorites of late.

But how nice would it be to have a steak house in
town again.

We do have pizza places, which it depends on the day on the quality
of food you get from them.

We have sub places, Subway and Rock and Rollz which both
have really good subs, but how many subs can one person
eat , before that gets old.

A chinese place. Which my husband and kids like. I have never
been a fan though.

The deli is town, we got food there a couple different times
and will never do it again. So many things I could say about
that deli and I won't, I am being kind.

A coffee shop that even though I do not drink much
coffee , they did serve good breakfasts.

We need a good solid steak house. I really liked the Coach House.
Then it switched hands a couple times, and it was good, but I never
thought it was a good as the Coach House. But at least we had one.

I think eventually we will again, it will be a nice change.

Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison

Good they should go after that state for all they can get.
That goes for any state that wrongfully prosecutes someone
and they do lengthy prison time because of it.

Texas has some of the most crooked prosecutors and
police dept's in the nation.

What Other 'RULES' Do They Break..

I wanted to do a 'happy' dance, but I was too disgusted
to do one.

I found out what I was correct about there being too
many kids in the resource room at the HIGH SCHOOL.

Two years ago this fall, I went to Heidi Carvin after calling
six different schools in the area.

At the time there was only ONE resource room for E.B.D.
and it was failing. She had to many cases and some were
neglected and I.E.P.'s were being violated. ( Which a district
can be sued for under civil rights)

Part of the problem was this teacher could not admit she
needed help. They tried to give her help at one point and she
drove this aid out by telling lies..

This teacher is a huge control freak and can not admit when she
is wrong.

Anyway both the Dept of Wisconsin Public Inst, and another
special ed teacher from another district, (Brodhead) told me
there are caps on how many students could be in resource, E.B.D.
room. Evansville was violating that cap,, over and over again.

Brodhead who came the closest to our student count at the
H.S. , was one of the six districts I had checked with. They had
3 resource rooms. THREE,, NOT ONE ,,, had over twenty
students in it... Not one. AT ANY ONE TIME... HAD over

NONE of the districts I checked with bigger or smaller had
more than 20 students in it at anyone time.. NOT ONE.

At the time Evansville's E.B.D. had over 30, at one point I was
told by staff 35.

So besides breaking attendance laws and at the time this
resource room caps,, what other rules do you think they break????

At the same time telling kids,, behave yourselves follow the rules.

By the way after taking the time to meet with Heidi and show her
the numbers she did nothing. Because she knew they were in the
wrong and had no desire to fix it, neither did krista Jones. Just kept
breaking the caps... a major violation.

I will add in closing that last year a part time teacher was added to
help with this issue, not a a aid, but a teacher.. This school year this
teacher was suppose to be added full time. They will be looking at
adding another teacher in the next few years.

How are they paying for this?/?? Stimulus funds for the special
education ,,, just like they should..

About time. The kids deserve better.

Not So Much 20

There was a certain school board member who
last week tried to tell me that along with only a
1.1% increase they were keeping class sizes
to 20 or less.

Imagine my surprise when talking with my
daughters teachers and being told , we all have
a few more kids in our class this year. 25 to be

The teacher's I was talking to just kind
of shared this look.

Well I knew this was not true, as when my
son was in H.S. he had a senior English class
that had almost 30

But then again this board member was trying
to impress someone with the less than 2% increase.

Which is not impressive being we are sitting on top
of the Rock with Clinton as it is.

Evidently there are loans that WE tax payers will
be done paying in 2014? and 2021? The H.S. being
in 2021....

So all tax payers would expect the school's tax
to drop substantially .. We tax payers deserve a
huge break from the schools spending ways.

I am sure they think they have kept things in check, but
they did not have a choice, did they? They have already
done their spending years ago.

So I don't know if this board member is just misinformed
or is trying to make people believe they are doing a better
job than they are.

But don't tell people you are keeping classes to
20, when all you have to do is look around, ask
some teachers.

Like I stated earlier nice try at giving them selves a 'pat' on
the back. Not working with anyone who is really paying

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome To The Purple People.

I knew it was just a matter of time.
Please remember when participating in the poll
Bart Simpson is in the running as well.

He Is A Hero..


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Images of Evansville: Montgomery puts history of Rock County city on display

I love history. I always have.

I have always been impressed with Ruth Ann
and her love of history and willingness to share it.

IT'S Good To See So Many

It's good to see so many people from Wisconsin
voting for Brett on our poll.. Yes I can track those
as well.

Now if it was any of those purple people ..

Can a Hooters girl coach Janesville high school poms?

So it's o.k. for her to volunteer her time with these girls
but not for the school district to actually hire her.


I wonder how many of these male administrators
have gone into that very same Hooter's.

First day of school - TIME FOR REFORM!

Interesting blog article from JOHN EYSTER. I enjoy his
blog posts. He has been on a role lately about pay freezes
for teachers and changes with the school systems.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brett Favre throws a dirty block at Eugene Wilson's knees By MJD

Look not even with the vik--ickings two weeks
and already playing at their level.


Trial begins for coach accused in player's death

This coach definitely has some responsibility in this young man's death.
He denied this young man, and others water on a very hot, hot, day. But
I bet he would have given his dog water. The guy may have been a great
coach but great coaches make mistakes and need to help accountable. Someone

It's funny how when something goes very wrong , no one thinks they are to blame.
If this young man had died from a undetected physical ailment, like a heart issue
it would be different. But this young man died due to this coaches actions.
Its is just very tragic.

"The best example I can give you is like someone shooting into a building not knowing anyone is in there, then killing somebody," Commonwealth's Attorney R. David Stengel told CNN affiliate WHAS in January. "They didn't know they were in there, but they should have known that shooting into a building where people normally are is something dangerous."

It makes one wonder how Evansville's own lawsuit is going, I will check into that.

Former Miss California USA sues pageant officials

This ms prejean, is a joke. She does not follow the rules
and just wants to make her own as she goes along.

The problem with her suit, is good old Mr. Trump
gave her second chance when he did not fire her
from the beginning of the trouble.

He kept her on, after her comments.

She seems to want to be able to say whats
on her mind but no one else should.

She was badly behaved and got what she deserved.

Jury finds Burlington man not guilty on wife's 1997 homicide

Unreal. I am shocked. He acted like a guilty man.
I would love to know what caused the jury to find
him not guilty.