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Monday, August 17, 2009

Very Good Suggestions..

The Observer has a list of suggestions that was sent in
to the city regarding budget cuts.

Some very well thought out suggestions.

I have a couple thoughts on some of them as well.

Public Works:
1. W&L could share equipment with Public Works which would spread out those purchases for DPW equipment to later dates.
2. In the winter if there is no snow what exactly do they do? How come I see hired summer help doing all the work while the full time year around people stand around doing nothing? Lets cut the summer help and require the full time employees to do work. Let's create a work cycle in the winter where some work a second shift to reduce overtime for snow removal on a late afternoon shift.

Start w/ cuts w/ Water & Light. They have more employees and vehicles then any other city department. They have new buildings and many new pieces of equipment. When there is no building going on in the city why are we building them new buildings and buying them new vehicles? They hire out most of their work. Why am I seeing W&L employees weed whacking and mowing lawn? Do they not have enough of their own work to do? At a typical incident when I drive by I see 4 guys standing around talking while one is actually doing the work. What company has all new equipment and trucks when there is no new building going on? I think they are a vital part of our community I just think we could cut some of the positions to save money.

I agree on this one. Some times one has to wonder what the
hell they do all day, except drive around a lot.

It does seem like they have a excess of employees during the summer.
I think the city is to quick to hire family and friends during the summer.

The city owes no one a job. If its not needed. Employees should be
doubling up in duties in some areas so there is not a need
for so many employees.

1. Reduce mowing frequency of city parks; this may keep the city from hiring a seasonal worker or two in the PW Department for 2010.
2. Sell the city-owned parkland on S. 4th street (near the college apartments) to a developer.

Excellent idea.. The grass needs to be a reasonable length, but it
would not hurt it to get some length to it.. It always has a buzz hair cut.

1. Council should consider an increase in cemetery fees. The cemetery should not be a drain on finances but should provide income to the city or be sold to a private group.

Thais a good idea as well. But if you are going to charge more fees they
need to do a better job of keeping it up. IF you go to the back of the cemetery
there actually headstones./grave markers you can not see as they are
covered up by over grown bushes.

1. Examine very seriously the possibility of cutting staff at the police department -- I've been looking over the "incident reports" in the Review. It appears that there are less than two incidents per hour, and a size able fraction of those are assisting people or handling phone messages at 535 E. Main, where the Police Station currently sits. How many people are necessary to handle two incidents per hour? Another size able number of incidents are "security checks". Exactly what does this mean -- a cop in a car drives by a place? There have been over 40 in the last two weeks at Antes Drive. Does this mean a cop drives through the park about 3 times a day? Each counts as an "incident"? Maybe I'm way off base, but please look into staff reduction at the PD.
2. Sell the current police station on Main St and move operations to the old fire station as soon as possible. Perhaps some consolidation of services could result from closer proximity of PD to the City Hall.

First the calls to the park I am sure are due to KIDS. Once school
is back in session I think we will see those seriously decline.

I do think time could be managed better. Especially when they
can and do request back up from Rock County. Other police
dept's are cutting staff and pay and that is one area that has
to be looked at.

. Everyone getting a paycheck from the city should take a day off. Everyone: the council, the administrator, the judge, all the employees. Whether you make $10 or $50 an hour it will add up and everyone is sharing in it.

Absolutely... I do not see how they can not do this. It's one of the easiest
things to do.

Why does the city have a city human resource director?? Each dept should
be fully capable of handling the same functions this person covers. From
hiring, to back ground checks, to insurance issues, to employee handbooks,
which really should be done by the city administrator anyway. This position
could be eliminated without alot of pick up by anyone else if its spread out
to the different dept heads.

Quit hiring relatives of current city employees.. Many cities
around the nation have already implemented a policy of not
hiring relatives of anyone who currently works for their city
its considered, to be ' obstruction in office' , and creates
ethics concerns. I think when you start hiring relatives, you
over hire, hire people who are not qualified , but hire them
because you want to give them a job.


These were all very good ideas. Lets see how many
the city follow through on, or if the idea of asking
citizens for suggestions was just a bunch of ..

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