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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They Did Not Want Him..

We went out last night for supper with friends.
The conversation of course at the bar& around our
table was Brett Favre.

I have to admit. I don't blame him for playing.
The Packers did not want him. Their mistake.

He has the right to play.
He says its not for revenge. I hope not.
If it is I think it will back fire on him .
Nothing good comes from revenge.

I do wish he just would have come out in
the spring and said, I am going to play
for the Vikings.

I do believe if the Packers have another crappy
season, or if they lose to the Vikings heads will
role.. Thompson can kiss his ass and job good bye.
McCarthy probably will know by mid season if
he should be polishing up his resume.

When I woke up this a.m. my husband had
put up a screen saver of Brett&Donald Driver
in a hug with a quote by Donald..

About what a great teammate and friend he is.

The quote 13 hrs ago.
That's their problem now over there. We don't have any problems here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We're happy

I hope Donald Driver never leaves. Besides Brett he
is my favorite.

I will never hate Brett Favre,, disappointed yes.

When they play the Packer's I will cheer for my Packer's.
But wish Brett well.

We all need to remember the Packer's did not want him
our loss..

I did have a dream that on Brett's first pass to Adrain Peterson,
Peterson tears his a.c.l.

It's my dream.

I think the best thing that could come from this
is it fires up the Packer's and they kick ass all season
not just against the Vikings.

One sports commentator last night said he
does not see the Vikings getting through the
play offs even with Brett Favre..

Let hope.

We wish you well Brett


Go Pack!!!!!!!!!

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