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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Suggestions Part 2..

HERE is another suggestion.. cut travel expenses.
IT would seem as though they think they need to
go to a luncheon and conference put on by the
League of WI. Municipalities

It costs to go to this function, not including
travel expenses.

This is just one of the foolish things they spend
money on and could easily be stopped.

So when they start mandating furloughs
which furloughs should be mandated not
voluntary or it won't work.

So when these furloughs start make sure
you ask the mayor ( or who ever else
is going how her lunch was at
this event.

Such a easy way to save money..
cut the unnecessary trips.

I think they just like the idea of being
there more than they care what its
all about.

****** IT seems like the main idea in the
suggestions is too many employees in
some areas and too many toys.

All suggestions that should be easy to
put in place.

When the furloughs start coming in to play
they should remember who they have to

Foolish spending by our council and mayor
who seems to like the latest, pretty things,
(pinwheel idea, electric vehicles, lake, rumble
strip, over budget on road projects.)

But does not know how to pay for them.

NO more extras as these extras very well
could and will cost people income or jobs.

Here are the costs for this conference::::

with Engineering and Public Works Track
Registration Information
Early Bird Deadline: Sept. 22, 2009

Early Bird
Preconference Member
$ 65
$ 80
Preconference Nonmember
$ 90
$ 105
Conference Member
$ 140
$ 165
Conference Nonmember
$ 165
$ 190
$ 65
$ 75
Chief Executives Breakfast
$ 25
$ 25

This is per person.. This DOES NOT include meals
except for two during this three day event.

This DOES not include hotel rooms.

This DOES not obviously include travel expenses.

For a town whose budget is int he hole they should not
be spending this kind of money on 'extras when furloughs
and job elimination is on the table..

Shame on them.

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