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Monday, August 31, 2009


He played average. Nothing special.

If anything I was surprised how often Brett ended up on his ass.
You have not seen Aaron on his butt this year like you did Brett
last night.

Not to make fun of Houston, but Minnesota I would have thought
would have done much better. Which make one wonder if its all

I was surprised how well Houston kept them in check, I mean come
on they Houston, Minnesota should have won.

Houston also did a good job of shutting down A.P. after the
first touch down of the game. After that Brett really did not
move that offense much at all. He looked old.

I think his cracked rib comment was nothing but a ruse. So
if he sucked he would have a excuse.

Sorry not finding Minnesota impressive, even with Brett.

They kept talking about Minnesota's weapons????

But the Packers.. they are getting a lot of positive talk from around
the league.

The Packers rock....

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