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Thursday, August 6, 2009

It Did Not Sound Right..

After speaking with Brenda at the D.O.T. &
then going and reading and reading again
the article the Gazette did on the stimulus
money for the road.

I am very disappointed in the job that was
done on this article.

Two very important things were left out of
that article.

1. ' spot replacement' two words that make
it a lot different than the wording that was
used in the article.

The article implied all the curb and gutter
would be paid for with stimulus money, it
is not.

2. She never explained how the roads were
chosen, and that was a point of disgust
with several. Several were upset that
their streets were not being done with this
stimulus money , there was no
explanation as to how these streets were

I think that had those two different points been
made, no one would have thought twice about
this project. I don't know if our city administrator
needs to be more clear when talking with reporters
or if maybe the reporter should have taken more time
with this article.

It did not sound right and that's why I made
the call to the D.O.T. as did a couple of people.

I know the D.O.T. found it misleading, as did many.

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