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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is The School Watching The Decline?

IN the last week I have spoke to 3 families with school
age children who are moving out of the district, due to
their job situation.

One family, he works for G.M. and has to go to Kansas
or get nothing. No retirement, No Pay..

They have 3 school age kids..

Another just got a job in Milwaukee, after looking
for months around here... 3 more school age kids..

Another G.M. worker with 4 school age kids going to
Kansas.. and this is just people I know of..

I think this is just the beginning of people leaving.
Looking for work, or having found work.

Rock County has one of the highest unemployment
rates in the state. I don't think the school should be
in such a hurry or worry to build. Not that it will happen
anyway ,, maybe in twenty years.

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