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Monday, August 31, 2009


He played average. Nothing special.

If anything I was surprised how often Brett ended up on his ass.
You have not seen Aaron on his butt this year like you did Brett
last night.

Not to make fun of Houston, but Minnesota I would have thought
would have done much better. Which make one wonder if its all

I was surprised how well Houston kept them in check, I mean come
on they Houston, Minnesota should have won.

Houston also did a good job of shutting down A.P. after the
first touch down of the game. After that Brett really did not
move that offense much at all. He looked old.

I think his cracked rib comment was nothing but a ruse. So
if he sucked he would have a excuse.

Sorry not finding Minnesota impressive, even with Brett.

They kept talking about Minnesota's weapons????

But the Packers.. they are getting a lot of positive talk from around
the league.

The Packers rock....

A ‘Little Judge’ Who Rejects Foreclosures, Brooklyn Style

Good for him. It's good to see he is actually paying
attention to the things filed in his court.

Do You Wish Brett Good Luck Tonight? NO WAY.

I hope they get their ass kicked.

We will watch though.

If he was not playing for Minnesota I would.

It won't be long before Brett will be missing
the Packer fans, as viking fans are only fans
when things go their way. Packer fans are
die hards regardless of the out come of a game.

Not viking fans.

Crazy purple people.

Hiring policy raises standards for Evansville police

Hiring of a police officer, is not like hiring a farm hand.
No offense to farm hands because there is no harder work.

But there is a big difference in terms of what one needs to
look for in character, ethics, education, mental awareness,
and family situation.

I will say its about time they raised the bar when hiring.

I like the section of interviewing the applicants significant
other, in a job like this one's spouse or significant other plays
a very important part and it important to know if they fully
support their partner in this career choice and know whats

E-mails show kidnap victim worked at suspect's business

I feel so sorry for this young woman and her kids.

She feels 'sorry' for her kidnapper.
Which is common among long term victims.

I hope that they get her and her kids
a excellent psychiatrist and they can
have a fulfilling life.

I watched listened to jail house
what a sick whacko.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do Those Packers Rock Or What?

Wow!!! They are looking really good.. Lets hope it
goes past pre-season. ..

I have to admit as much as I miss Brett,,, Aaron Rodgers
is looking incredible.. Better than most starting quarterbacks
I have watched so far this preseason.

I think Aaron Rodgers will know doubt have a better
season than Brett Favre..Something about the color
purple muddles the brain.

Friday, August 28, 2009

In Memory Of Michael Sands May 17,1988-August 22, 2009

Luke Bryan - We Rode in Trucks

Down where I born it was heaven on earth.
The Flint River washes that red Georgia dirt.
The sun sets slow and the stars shine bright.
We raised cotton, corn, a little cane, and kids.
You either lived on a farm or wish you did.
Jesus always walked close by our side.
Where I grew up, we rode in trucks.

There's a lot about life you can learn on a bus,
How to lie, how to fight, how to kiss, how to cuss.
The closer we sat to the back, the smarter we got.
We were poor, we were ugly, we were all best friends.
White-eyed, baptized, and still wantin' to sin.
Thank God we get more than just one shot.
Where I grew up, we rode in trucks.

That's us, haulin' hay in the field with the radio on.
That's us, headin' straight into town when the work is done.
In my mind, I can still see us now, ridin' down Buck Island Road.
It wasn't that long ago.

We thought tobacco and beer in a can
Was all it would take to be like our old man.
But I saw how it made my momma cry.
It was huntin' and fishin' and football games.
Then it was girls, and everything changed,
In our lives.
Fallin' in and out of love, we rode in trucks.

That's us with our tailgates down in the parking lot.
That's us with mud on our tires when it rained a lot.
In my mind, I can still see us now, ridin' down Buck Island Road.
It wasn't that long ago, it's apart of my soul. Yeah.

Down where I was born, it was heaven on earth.
The Flint River washes that red Georgia dirt.
The sun sets slow and the stars shine bright.
Where I grew up, we rode in trucks.


We will always remember you Sands.
You were a great friend to many.
You will always be in our hearts.

Man, wife held as '91 kidnap victim surfaces

Is Brett Creating A Schism??

First of all what kind of word is that? Why not
just say not everyone in the locker room is happy
he is there.

That was the 'news' story I woke up to this a.m.

It's no surprise there is a divide in the viking locker room.

Brett is going to find not only are the viking players as
nice as his former Packer teammates, but the fans
are very fair weathered as well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Advertisers Bolt Glenn Beck

The guy is a joke. His ratings have taken a hit
along with his endorsements.

Sarah palin is hurting him not helping.

We are extremely fortunate??????? I think not.

What a choice of words.. extremely fortunate..

We are already paying 10.24 per thousand,, SECOND HIGHEST
in the county.

Trying to say we are fortunate because we are not
not looking at 20% increase is crazy..

of the ' ROCK' if I may when it comes to school tax
spending. Only second to Clinton.

But it was a good try on their part to give them
selves a pat on the back.

Phil Spector's Letters Prompt Prison Investigation

a better prison?



There is a good side to every situation.
View your problems as opportunities.
You cannot have the successes without the failures.
Any experience can be transformed into something of value.
Everything depends on the way you look at things.

What are stumbling blocks and defeat before you can be stepping stones
to victory if you remain determined.

In all of your adversities lies the seeds of equivalent advantages.
In every defeat there is a lesson showing you how to win the next time.

When it's dark enough you can see the stars.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

After Cash for Clunkers, higher prices

People should not buy anything new from car
dealers if the price does not seem reasonable .

These dealers need to be grateful for the sales
they have .

Society crime writer Dominick Dunne dies at 83

I have watched a couple of his specials and
read his books.. I found his work to be very

He took his own personal tragedy and tried
to bring more light to certain criminal cases
hoping for justice.

So Much Sadness.

Evansville lost another young person, last night.

I don't think anyone will ever make sense of it.

I remember that age. It was a hard time.

But we just kept moving forward.

But my heart just breaks for her parents.

If your child was a friend of this young girl or
they just want to talk about what happened. The
school is offering counseling for anyone who
would just like to go in and talk.

Both Thursday and Friday from 1-3 p.m.
At the middle school.

Our thoughts and prays are with her family & friends.

A Hard Battle..

I was sad to learn that Evansville lost a very
talented young man this last week. I have heard
so many, many positive things about him this last

He suffered from bi-polar disorder. My heart goes
out to his family. Bi- polar is a ugly disease and
its hard to diagnose and at times even harder to

Our thoughts and prays go out to his family and friends.

It is a struggle for anyone with bi-polar disorder
day in and day out. It breaks a parents heart
to watch a child struggle with this. It's not fair.

We are walking in those shoes. It's hard.
We have been to many Psych, and our son
has been on numerous medications.

It is a on going battle within themselves.

I think we often ignore, look the other way or maybe
some even make fun of things they don't understand.

One of those things is mental illness. What people
like to forget is a person does not choose to have a
mental illness.

Many people go undiagnosed for years, some never
seek treatment.

Some people can't seek treatment as not all insurance
covers mental health.

WHEN it does cover mental health its a fraction
in term of limits compared to physical health.

Things have to change.

Are You Going To Follow The Observer On Twitter?

I am going to try. I think its great he is doing that.
I remember when he first started the blog, he has come
a long way. Thanks to the Observer Evansville is a true
source of news and events in Evansville that no one comes
close to matching. Un- Manipulated news.

It's great to be able to see the video and hear the audio.
Knowing you are getting the facts as you can hear it

And now Twitter.

Keeping Evansville up to date on all news
and events..

Thanks to the Evansville Observer.

Sentator Ted Kennedy Passes Away

President Obama has said he is the ' greatest Senator of our time'

Condolences are pouring in from around the country and the

He was a great man who worked tirelessly for the people of
this country.

He fought the cancer long and hard while continuing to work
for this country.

May he now rest.

He will be sadly missed by all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Hearts Are Broken

We learned early this a.m. that Michael Sands was killed
early this morning in a motor vehicle accident.

Mike, known to most as ' Sands' was the most polite,
nicest kid .

He was always there for his friends, he will be missed by
many and he will forever be in our hearts.

We miss you Sands.

Our thoughts and prays go out to his family.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Suggestions Part 2..

HERE is another suggestion.. cut travel expenses.
IT would seem as though they think they need to
go to a luncheon and conference put on by the
League of WI. Municipalities

It costs to go to this function, not including
travel expenses.

This is just one of the foolish things they spend
money on and could easily be stopped.

So when they start mandating furloughs
which furloughs should be mandated not
voluntary or it won't work.

So when these furloughs start make sure
you ask the mayor ( or who ever else
is going how her lunch was at
this event.

Such a easy way to save money..
cut the unnecessary trips.

I think they just like the idea of being
there more than they care what its
all about.

****** IT seems like the main idea in the
suggestions is too many employees in
some areas and too many toys.

All suggestions that should be easy to
put in place.

When the furloughs start coming in to play
they should remember who they have to

Foolish spending by our council and mayor
who seems to like the latest, pretty things,
(pinwheel idea, electric vehicles, lake, rumble
strip, over budget on road projects.)

But does not know how to pay for them.

NO more extras as these extras very well
could and will cost people income or jobs.

Here are the costs for this conference::::

with Engineering and Public Works Track
Registration Information
Early Bird Deadline: Sept. 22, 2009

Early Bird
Preconference Member
$ 65
$ 80
Preconference Nonmember
$ 90
$ 105
Conference Member
$ 140
$ 165
Conference Nonmember
$ 165
$ 190
$ 65
$ 75
Chief Executives Breakfast
$ 25
$ 25

This is per person.. This DOES NOT include meals
except for two during this three day event.

This DOES not include hotel rooms.

This DOES not obviously include travel expenses.

For a town whose budget is int he hole they should not
be spending this kind of money on 'extras when furloughs
and job elimination is on the table..

Shame on them.

They Did Not Want Him..

We went out last night for supper with friends.
The conversation of course at the bar& around our
table was Brett Favre.

I have to admit. I don't blame him for playing.
The Packers did not want him. Their mistake.

He has the right to play.
He says its not for revenge. I hope not.
If it is I think it will back fire on him .
Nothing good comes from revenge.

I do wish he just would have come out in
the spring and said, I am going to play
for the Vikings.

I do believe if the Packers have another crappy
season, or if they lose to the Vikings heads will
role.. Thompson can kiss his ass and job good bye.
McCarthy probably will know by mid season if
he should be polishing up his resume.

When I woke up this a.m. my husband had
put up a screen saver of Brett&Donald Driver
in a hug with a quote by Donald..

About what a great teammate and friend he is.

The quote 13 hrs ago.
That's their problem now over there. We don't have any problems here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We're happy

I hope Donald Driver never leaves. Besides Brett he
is my favorite.

I will never hate Brett Favre,, disappointed yes.

When they play the Packer's I will cheer for my Packer's.
But wish Brett well.

We all need to remember the Packer's did not want him
our loss..

I did have a dream that on Brett's first pass to Adrain Peterson,
Peterson tears his a.c.l.

It's my dream.

I think the best thing that could come from this
is it fires up the Packer's and they kick ass all season
not just against the Vikings.

One sports commentator last night said he
does not see the Vikings getting through the
play offs even with Brett Favre..

Let hope.

We wish you well Brett


Go Pack!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Joke Always Is...

I don't know how many times I have heard a man say,
" Woman , they can never make up their mind."

Then we have Mr.Brett Favre ..

It's really to bad he thought so little
of what fans he has left.. that he could
sign with the lowly vikings.

He should be embarrassed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

DA will not press charges against former officer

There is something wrong with this guy.

Innocent man freed from prison after 23 years

Very Good Suggestions..

The Observer has a list of suggestions that was sent in
to the city regarding budget cuts.

Some very well thought out suggestions.

I have a couple thoughts on some of them as well.

Public Works:
1. W&L could share equipment with Public Works which would spread out those purchases for DPW equipment to later dates.
2. In the winter if there is no snow what exactly do they do? How come I see hired summer help doing all the work while the full time year around people stand around doing nothing? Lets cut the summer help and require the full time employees to do work. Let's create a work cycle in the winter where some work a second shift to reduce overtime for snow removal on a late afternoon shift.

Start w/ cuts w/ Water & Light. They have more employees and vehicles then any other city department. They have new buildings and many new pieces of equipment. When there is no building going on in the city why are we building them new buildings and buying them new vehicles? They hire out most of their work. Why am I seeing W&L employees weed whacking and mowing lawn? Do they not have enough of their own work to do? At a typical incident when I drive by I see 4 guys standing around talking while one is actually doing the work. What company has all new equipment and trucks when there is no new building going on? I think they are a vital part of our community I just think we could cut some of the positions to save money.

I agree on this one. Some times one has to wonder what the
hell they do all day, except drive around a lot.

It does seem like they have a excess of employees during the summer.
I think the city is to quick to hire family and friends during the summer.

The city owes no one a job. If its not needed. Employees should be
doubling up in duties in some areas so there is not a need
for so many employees.

1. Reduce mowing frequency of city parks; this may keep the city from hiring a seasonal worker or two in the PW Department for 2010.
2. Sell the city-owned parkland on S. 4th street (near the college apartments) to a developer.

Excellent idea.. The grass needs to be a reasonable length, but it
would not hurt it to get some length to it.. It always has a buzz hair cut.

1. Council should consider an increase in cemetery fees. The cemetery should not be a drain on finances but should provide income to the city or be sold to a private group.

Thais a good idea as well. But if you are going to charge more fees they
need to do a better job of keeping it up. IF you go to the back of the cemetery
there actually headstones./grave markers you can not see as they are
covered up by over grown bushes.

1. Examine very seriously the possibility of cutting staff at the police department -- I've been looking over the "incident reports" in the Review. It appears that there are less than two incidents per hour, and a size able fraction of those are assisting people or handling phone messages at 535 E. Main, where the Police Station currently sits. How many people are necessary to handle two incidents per hour? Another size able number of incidents are "security checks". Exactly what does this mean -- a cop in a car drives by a place? There have been over 40 in the last two weeks at Antes Drive. Does this mean a cop drives through the park about 3 times a day? Each counts as an "incident"? Maybe I'm way off base, but please look into staff reduction at the PD.
2. Sell the current police station on Main St and move operations to the old fire station as soon as possible. Perhaps some consolidation of services could result from closer proximity of PD to the City Hall.

First the calls to the park I am sure are due to KIDS. Once school
is back in session I think we will see those seriously decline.

I do think time could be managed better. Especially when they
can and do request back up from Rock County. Other police
dept's are cutting staff and pay and that is one area that has
to be looked at.

. Everyone getting a paycheck from the city should take a day off. Everyone: the council, the administrator, the judge, all the employees. Whether you make $10 or $50 an hour it will add up and everyone is sharing in it.

Absolutely... I do not see how they can not do this. It's one of the easiest
things to do.

Why does the city have a city human resource director?? Each dept should
be fully capable of handling the same functions this person covers. From
hiring, to back ground checks, to insurance issues, to employee handbooks,
which really should be done by the city administrator anyway. This position
could be eliminated without alot of pick up by anyone else if its spread out
to the different dept heads.

Quit hiring relatives of current city employees.. Many cities
around the nation have already implemented a policy of not
hiring relatives of anyone who currently works for their city
its considered, to be ' obstruction in office' , and creates
ethics concerns. I think when you start hiring relatives, you
over hire, hire people who are not qualified , but hire them
because you want to give them a job.


These were all very good ideas. Lets see how many
the city follow through on, or if the idea of asking
citizens for suggestions was just a bunch of ..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick A Eagle

I said he would be back. He's not a Packer, we could have
used him more than the Eagles. We are just screwed if
anything happens to Rodgers his back ups are clowns.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small Plane Goes Down Outside Of Evansville.

I am glad to hear he was o.k.

Just When You Think Sara Palin Could Not Be Any Dumber

She really is clueless. I think its clear she
left office before she got booted out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Eunice Kennedy Shriver's relatives called to hospital

So What About These Water Rates

So there is serious talk of hiking our water
rates .. not by pennies ..

It seems like there should be a hearing/
meeting about this.

They are so high already.. it is concerning.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Michael Vick A Packer.?????

The talk is just not going away??? I think there
is something to the talk.. He would be reasonably

I think there are games last year we would have won
with a more experienced quarterback.

He is exciting, and fun to watch..

OUR back ups to Aaron Rogers are sad.

They are not people you would want out there in
a big game, or taking over if Aaron gets hurt and is
done for the season.

I think it would be great for Michael Vick to come
to Greenbay.

The Packer mgmt is not going to give a damn
what the fans think.. That's clear after the Brett saga.

Bring him to GreenBay....

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Hope They Make Him Sit Out...

This KID should be grateful for the chance
to play in the NFL.

I have never liked Eli Manning for the same
reason. He was fortunate enough to be
drafted but threw a tantrum as well.

NO tantrums allowed in the NFL.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breaking News: Sonia Sotomayor confirmed as nation's first Hispanic Supreme Court justice.

This is great news..

Is The School Watching The Decline?

IN the last week I have spoke to 3 families with school
age children who are moving out of the district, due to
their job situation.

One family, he works for G.M. and has to go to Kansas
or get nothing. No retirement, No Pay..

They have 3 school age kids..

Another just got a job in Milwaukee, after looking
for months around here... 3 more school age kids..

Another G.M. worker with 4 school age kids going to
Kansas.. and this is just people I know of..

I think this is just the beginning of people leaving.
Looking for work, or having found work.

Rock County has one of the highest unemployment
rates in the state. I don't think the school should be
in such a hurry or worry to build. Not that it will happen
anyway ,, maybe in twenty years.

FREEZE - why are we NOT hearing this word?

There is absolutely NO reason for teacher's
to get raises , while the economy sucks, people
are out of work, and no end in sight.

Teacher's are not entitled to a raise just because
they teach.

But many of them seem to think they are entitled.

No one should get a raise just because.

How Often Do Murders Get To Leave The State?

Most don't even get bail when on trial for murder (or they can't afford it)
much less leave the state.

It Did Not Sound Right..

After speaking with Brenda at the D.O.T. &
then going and reading and reading again
the article the Gazette did on the stimulus
money for the road.

I am very disappointed in the job that was
done on this article.

Two very important things were left out of
that article.

1. ' spot replacement' two words that make
it a lot different than the wording that was
used in the article.

The article implied all the curb and gutter
would be paid for with stimulus money, it
is not.

2. She never explained how the roads were
chosen, and that was a point of disgust
with several. Several were upset that
their streets were not being done with this
stimulus money , there was no
explanation as to how these streets were

I think that had those two different points been
made, no one would have thought twice about
this project. I don't know if our city administrator
needs to be more clear when talking with reporters
or if maybe the reporter should have taken more time
with this article.

It did not sound right and that's why I made
the call to the D.O.T. as did a couple of people.

I know the D.O.T. found it misleading, as did many.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A muckraker is an individual who seeks to expose or reveal corruption of businesses or government to the public. The term originates from writers of the Progressive movement in America who wanted to expose corruption and scandals in government and business. Muckrakers often wrote about the wretchedness of urban life and poverty, and against the established institutions of society, such as big business.

And here I thought muckraker was a bad word. Guess not.
Those who received the email know what I am talking about.

I Got A Call From The D.O.T.. ..

I got a call from Brenda today from the
D.O.T.. she had read the article in the Janesville
Gazette. She felt as well there is a lot of
'misinformation' out there.

First of all the reason its West Main St,
and Fourth Street is those were the only
streets in town that qualified for stimulus

THE reason these were the only two eligible
roads was the amount of traffic they see.

Garfield street does not see near the traffic
as fourth, that is just a example I will use.
So fourth wins and will be re done.

Now that being said.. the people on 4th & W.Main
have not seen any traffic compared to E.Main.

Second,, the stimulus money is NOT to be
used for over curb and gutter replacement.

The article in the Gazette should have
stated its for spot replacement only, and it
did not and that led to alot of confusion








Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Stimulus Money For Extra Officer


I talked with Brenda Schoenfeld today at the D.O.T.
It would seem as though someone is trying to mislead
or out right lie about the stimulus money the city is
receiving for road construction.


IT is not to be used for total curb and gutter replacement.

IF you go to this article gets-600000-start-road-project/

That seems to be the spin the city is trying to put on it.

It's funny what you learn when you follow up on their comments.

The actual amount being allowed for construction is 480,000..
the state is waiting on the actual bid to see if comes in under that
any thing over that the city has to pay.

They are allowed a additional 120.000 for items related to the
construction of these roads.

They were also not 'awarded' this money as someone tried to
state on the Observer.. They applied for it just like everyone else.

I suggest we all get out there and walk and check out the curb
and gutters. If something is broken or in bad shape that would
qualify as 'spot replacement' I plan on taking pictures.

IF there is fraud or abuse of the stimulus funds it is to be reported.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Evansville receives $4 million in stimulus for wastewater plant

We are still paying for it . The stimulus money
IS NOT FREE... We are all paying for it.

NOT to be spent foolishly.

Did You Pay Your Taxes???

Last Friday was the date for second installments..

I have to say I am glad to pay it all and once
and not have to worry about it.

I wonder what those tax bills will look like next


BY attending this 'event' in August you are
promoting mistreatment and abuse of animals.

It's telling your kids it's o.k. to mistreat and abuse

ANIMALS were not meant to live like this.

Just say NO and don't go..

It was Fun

Did you go to some of the garage sales
this weekend?

It was fun.

We joined up with a friend in Country Side
between our families we took in a little
more than a 1000 bucks.. I was shocked.

But there was plenty to choose from all
marked reasonable.

And there was plenty of people.

I was disappointed could not find the
F.F.A. food stand..

Why not?? What a terrific opp.. for
fund raising, we had a couple people
ask about it, if it was still up town..

But our friend sold some very yummy
brats and made over $ 200.00 just
with that so he benefited from them not
being around.

It was fun though, good deals.

It's Not Just Wisconsin..

The stat no. for this site have been close to 1000
hits a day
since Friday.. When I checked out what it was
people were going to it was the Kelly Drew/ Tim
Hack post.

I read yesterday that before the murder
of Tim Drew and Kelly Hack this guy was a
suspect in murders in Portland , Oregon.

He led a life of crime..everything from burglary
to murder.

But we have watched people from all over
the country checking out our blog regarding
the arrest of this man and this almost 30
year old crime.

I think it definitely helps when C.N.N. mentions
our blog as one of the blogs covering the story.

That has happened a couple of times.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Court ruling wipes out local wind ordinances

I find this very upsetting. I think its very much
about having the money to fight the system as
these companies do.

Union does not need any pin wheels any more
than Evansville needs to add another couple grand, to it's
budget failure.

The committee in Union worked very hard and
took their task very seriously, this ruling is a
slap in the face to them.

As far as Evansville having a pin wheel at the
W.W.T.F. we don't need it , and can't afford it.