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Monday, July 6, 2009

We Should Consider Our Selves Fortunate.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth Of July.
It was pretty decent weather.

We watched the fireworks from the
park and we actually sat next to the
'festival' tent.. Festival tent my xxxx
what the hell.. ONE would think they must
have taken some heat for the beer tent
or why try to dress it up as a festival tent?

It was the same old beer tent its been year after year.

The fireworks I thought were nice. But maybe its
because we were sitting next to the beer tent, we
heard some very discouraging remarks from different
people regarding the fireworks. You know people
drinking and running their mouths.

But there are quite a few community's that don't
have fire works at all. They either can't afford it
or just have no desire to do it.

So I think regardless we should be grateful.

It was a nice weekend.

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