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Friday, July 31, 2009

Warrants imply Jackson was a drug addict

I think that has become very clear over the
last month. People are responsible for their
own actions, no doubt.

That included Michael Jackson, its tragic
that he died so young.

But if it were not for these Doctors who rake in
the cash for forking over the drugs, he never
would have gotten his hands on those type of
drugs, pretty potent stuff.

I am very glad to hear his mother will have
custody of the kids.. I just don't think Debbie
Rowe really wanted them.. She has gotten to
comfortable with her lifestyle, and she will continue
to get maintenance payments from Michael Jackson's
estate, as was part of her divorce settlement from
Michael.. She will also get visitation rights.

I hope they can all move on now and have some
peace that Michael never had.

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