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Sunday, July 12, 2009

They Are Going To Have To Suck It Up and IN!!!!!!

I am still stunned by the fact the Evansville School District,
and how much they spend , compared to schools much bigger.
I know we don't have long left on the H.S. loan, I want to
see their numbers GO down.

They have done a very poor job of planning. Remember when
they remodeled the elementary school? It was not even 3 years
after that they started crying about it not being big enough.

I think I have said it numerous times on here and I will say it
again. I am not impressed at all with Heidi Carvin.

The only thing she has shown us is she knows how
to spend tax payer money.

I will never, never forget when she was pushing so
hard for the 4k,, she saw each potential 4K child as
$$$$$... Because they would receive so much for
each child , and by her projections she thought they
might actually come out ahead and have extra money
left over. She saw it as a money making venture.
But she has been wrong before about how much they
would be getting from the government..

I will never forget that.

It seems as though the school district likes nice
shiny buildings , but don't have a clue as how
to pay for them.

Maybe they should start with doing regular
maintenance on the ones we have.

My house is 150+ yrs old but I don't
get to trade it in because of maintenance

I have two kids still in school.. I see not a
thing wrong with the T.R.I.S school if they
would do maintenance on a regular basis. I
did not see buckets sitting around near the
end of the school year when it rained, so they
must have finally resolved the roof issues.

They think they are crowded??? I don't see
it, and I am there weekly during the school year.

In the coming years they may have to suck up
and in,, but have we all not had to make some
sacrifices in the last year.

We should expect nothing less of our schools
and school board.

********** NOW for these very reasons is why
I think the Observer should have run for school
board again.. He knows how to balance a budget
he knows his math, his finances. We need some
one who will challenge Heidi. NOT be a yes ma'am
or sir. Right now that is what we have.

The thought of the Observer on the school
board scares Heidi,and she knows it.
Some of the tactics used
a couple of years ago proves it.

I miss Art he thought nothing of asking Heidi
the hard questions.

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