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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry For The Emails

I must apologize to those of you I sent emails to regarding
being able to leave comments. As I found out, it would not
only have allowed you to leave comments, but to actually make
posts. Which if you want to make actual posts, you need your
own blog.. comments yes, posts no.

Even though at times I thought it could be interesting
to have guest posters. I do miss Jeff for as much as
he harassed me. Because usually after he got done
asking if I was crazy, he made good points in his
argument on the issue.

I miss seeing Karen Aikman any where, she has not
even been posting on the Observer from what I have
noticed. I had sent one to Karen, and Melissa
the Observer, and someone at the school.

I like knowing who I am talking to. I can actually
now put a face with Jeff. I saw him and Mason
out one night. So even though he can be some what
biased because of his friendship with Mason, he does
make good points.

I would have sent one to Grumps had I know how
to reach him.

Karen and Melissa both explain things very well.
You don't have to like what they say or agree with
it but they are honest and explain things well.

I also had sent one to our city administrator
but I do believe in his contract it says.

" thou shall not talk to any city blog, and
only give the papers what you want them
to know, not all the facts."

That's why I think Bill Connors is great
With his willingness to explain things. Very
smart man.

I don't always agree with him, and when he
was city administrator many times after talking
with him I walked away telling him I thought
that was a bunch of crap.. mostly relating to

But he was honest. He is honest.

So at some point I will take comments again
but at my discretion.

Just like certain papers don't post
letters to the editor if they don't like
them. ( I wonder which one.)
We bloggers don't have to post
everything we get. That is our right.

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