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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Road To Oz..

All this talk of what road should be repaired
with this stimulus money

Have you looked at West Main?? I walked it
yesterday just to see just how bad it was.

It's NOT..

Now their proposal to re-do West Main &
fourth street to the city limits is odd. What
a odd combo.

Now no one can really argue that fourth
street does not need help it has some really
bad spots.

What about the other half of fourth street
from the way its described in the paper
it does not sound like they are doing that
why not? That is just as bad as the other
half of fourth. How damn goofy is that
going to look. They should just do fourth
as it actually needs it, and leave West Main
until they have the money.. and West Main
goes all the way down to fifth, so they were
not going to do that either.. It would look
horrible a little here and a little there..

Fix the roads that need it the most and
West Main should not be at the top of the

But the path this takes from the city limits
to the down town area, is it suppose to be
like the road to Oz?

If this is going to be the road to Oz who is
behind the curtain????

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