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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Observer Has The Audio From Meeting.

The Observer has the audio from
last nights meeting with the W.T.A.

I liked the cities he compared us to
last night. He was not the guy I talked
to . I talked with a Mr.Knapp.

This goes to show the city council is
right in the middle of spending, I believe
he said 8th out of 22 in the state?

Not the best. He also said the numbers
were from 2007.

But on some areas lower in some areas than
others so not all bad.

Very interesting. Now what will they
do with the information they got.

He called us a 'bedroom ' community
we know this. He also pointed out
the obvious, we have very little
industrial .. hmm

Will they use it or ignore it?

** Now the numbers Mr.Knapp
gave me were for Rock County only
not comparing with the rest of the

Thank you to the Observer for
bringing us this audio.

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