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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lets Say A Pray For The L.A. Police Today...

What a fricking night mare they are going to be
dealing with today..So much potential for something
to go very wrong. With that many people.

Seriously why did they not just do a televised
memorial??? Keep everyone at home or in
the bars watching!!!! It would have kept
down the 3 Million tab they are reporting this
is going to cost California.

Its about money.. The promoter knows they
will more than likely profit from it.

What about those people selling their
'tickets' on line for outrageous money..

That is shameful. This is a memorial.


My sister's high school classmate is officer
out there and will be working the Staples
area today. When she called him all he
would say is ' Talk to me when its over.'

Its going on two weeks they have been
dealing with crowds of people at various
places around the city.

We will be thinking about all of those trying to
keep some degree of calm out there today

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