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Monday, July 6, 2009

It Is Because Of My Cat..

Well I did not karaoke this last weekend.
Besides being very tired from the weekend.

I was singing to myself on Sunday morning
as I got things ready to go to a friends for
a BBQ.

My cat , who is older . . Came into the kitchen
and sat down and looked at me as I sang.

She meowed, and meowed like something was
wrong. Giving me this look..

She is kind of older and gives me looks all the
time. But if I stopped singing, she stopped
meowing.. But if I started, she then started
meowing at me again.

After a while, I told her I could take
a hint.. Now how was I suppose to
go and karaoke, if even my cat
was having a hard time
taking in my singing.

I had hoped the Observer would
give it a try.

But I took the advice of my
cat and for now have given
up my try at a singing career.

She probably knows best.

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