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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Does Not Matter Who The Biological Parents Are...

Here we go. There will be a fight for
Michael Jackson's kids.

Who are the biological parents?
Who cares.

Biological parents do not ALWAYS make
the best parents. That is not
what is always best for the kids.

From what I heard on Cnn under
California law people have ONLY
two years from the time a child is
born to dispute paternity. After
that time frame they are for
all intent the children of whom
ever has legal guardianship.

So any claim of to these children
can not legally be done at this time.
As they are all older than two.

Debbie Rowe says she 'may' fight
for them. Please. They belong
with the Jackson's , in particular
Katherine Jackson.

I am not so sure about Joe Jackson.

But also the kids are getting to
the age when they should be
old enough to have some say in
where they live.

But regardless they need to
be protected.

That is one thing Michael did
very well he protected them
very well.

Biological parents are not
always whats best for the kids.

Our prays are with them.

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