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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Do You Think They Did That?

How do you think members of the city administration,
city council, and Mayor on July 2nd at the grand re-opening
of the lake,, how did they manage to smile and joke?

When they knew damn well what was coming. What
they were going to dump on the citizens of Evansville?

They knew then they were in the hole and I don't mean
Lake Leota.They knew

then about all the budget amendments. They knew
then about the awful news about the W.W.T.F estimates.

They had the meeting just a mere 5 days later.

How did they do that? The cost of the lake contributed to
Evansville being in the hole..

Evansville's financial problems are deeper than
Lake Leota .

I think its kind of scary they could act like everything is
hunky dory, knowing we as tax payers in Evansville
are going to get dumped on.

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