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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heidi Houses Are Not Cars..

So Heidi did not like the wording of the
'friendly' amendment.

Why would anyone sell their home
for less than what it cost them????

Unless they were desperate and I am
yet to ever hear of that, unless they
were already independently wealthy?

This is tax payer money she is playing

Cars depreciate not houses.

The idea that's its even possible they
would sell for less than what they paid
for it is crazy..

Are they nervous about the fact they
ONCE again built in a lot in a FLOOD area??

How foolish is that with all the different
lots available... One guess who owns the land.

IF there is ever a flooding issue with any of
these houses, it will come back on the school
and the contractor they bought the land from.

They will be liable.

IF we ever have to sell on of these school
' projects' for less than what we have in to it,
it had better be the last ' project' house.

Tax payer money folks.

Remember how much the school is already
costing us in taxes already.

CLICK ON THE post ...The Observer has it.

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