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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family sues over death

This is a brief run down :


Along with the city and county, the claim lists the following individuals:

-- Edgerton Police Department Chief Tom Klubertanz. The Gazette could not reach Klubertanz this morning for comment.

-- Edgerton police officer Doug Vierck. Vierck arrived at 39 Mildred Ave. on Aug. 13—five days before the bodies were found—after Tina Pond, Jenni's mother, called police. Pond was worried when she couldn't reach Jenni, even though it appeared Jenni was sending Pond text messages asking for help, according to the claim.

Vierck went to the house to check on Jenni but did not write a report, according to the claim.

Later, Jenni told her mother that Shaun was mad that Vierck had come to the house, had found Shaun's gun and had left instructions for Jenni to call Vierck, according to the claim.

-- Edgerton police officers Christian Chilson and Michael Williams. On Aug. 16—two days before the bodies were found—Jenni called 911. Police were dispatched to check on Shaun, who had been threatening to kill himself. Jenni told dispatchers she didn't want to go home, according to the claim.

When Chilson and Williams got to 39 Mildred Ave., they found Shaun had apparently barricaded the front door, the claim states. Officers took him into custody at gunpoint.

The officers called Jenni and asked her to come home "against her stated wishes," according to the claim. Police found Shaun's gun and confirmed many text messages on Jenni's and Shaun's phones.

Jenni told police she didn't want to be responsible for Shaun. Police told her Shaun would be leaving the house and she would have time to get her things out, according to the claim.

Police did not arrest Shaun but decided to place him on an emergency detention at Rock County Crisis Intervention, according to the claim. The officers took Shaun to the former Rock County Health Care Center, 3530 N. County F, Janesville, where Williams completed the emergency detention paperwork.

-- Rock County Crisis Intervention worker Terry Murphy. She conducted Shaun's mental health evaluation after Shaun was taken into custody by police, according to documents obtained by the Gazette.

According to the claim, Murphy called Williams nine minutes after Williams dropped Shaun off for the evaluation. Murphy said Shaun was going to be released to his sister, according to the claim.

Crisis intervention took Shaun to his sister's home in Milton but failed to tell her any specific information about why Shaun was there, according to the claim.

"Despite probable cause of the commission of numerous crimes, Shaun was never arrested," the claim states.

Jenni was not notified that Shaun was released from police or Rock County custody, the claim states."

Such a sad tragic thing to have happen. There are a lot of could have's and should have's.

IF only we could all read minds.

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