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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evansville Vs Brodhead.

No I am not talking about a football game. I am talking

Brodhead's school population is very close to Evansville's.
Which is odd, as Brodhead is half the size we are.

But any way I wanted to compare taxes.

Brodhead's school tax levy is 8.35 per thousand.
Evansville's is 10.24 per thousand. OUCH..

That has to change.. I feel sorry for Brodhead same
amount of students give or take a few, they must be
just as crowded as Heidi thinks we are.. NOT.

But Brodhead as far as I am aware is not paying off
a loan. We need a serious break from school spending.

I chose Brodhead to compare to because I know the numbers
are about the same.

In terms of Green County , the top towns/cities with the
highest taxes is .. Monroe, which I expected, Brodhead
and then New Glarus. But those are the three largest
towns in Green County.

I would have truly expected Janesville to have the
highest taxes, then Beloit..

NOT Clinton and then Evansville. Ridiculous.

I am assuming the school board will be at this July 21st
meeting with the W.T.A.?? Not just the council.
I would hope so.

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