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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

By July 2010 ForThose Of You Who Don't Have It Will Need It..By Law??

In the state budget that was passed this last week
included making car insurance mandatory.
Liability at the very least.

About time.

When I worked at American Family it was not
uncommon to get calls from customers needing
us to fax proof of insurance to the court house or
at times having a officer right at their car, needing
some one to verify they did indeed have insurance.

But what I heard on the news is what happens if
you don't have that little insurance card to show
proof of insurance if you are pulled over or in a
accident... A TEN DOLLAR FINE? Just like
for seat belts.. I need to find out more info
on that, I can not believe it would only be a
10.00 fine.. I sat there thinking there must
be more to this than that..

Why bother at all.. But also there will be
those who drive without insurance any way
there are those who drive with no license.
So driving with NO insurance would not be
a big deal.

Officer's will also be able to stop people for
not wearing their seatbelts. I don't understand
why people don't . In our vehicles its automatic.
It's not even a question, you get in, you get your
seatbelt on or we don't move.

One of our friends will listen to his car ding at
him for miles, because he does not have his
seat belt on, I don't know how he can stand it.
I am always like ' put your damn seatbelt on.'

Liability limits also are going up as well. But most
people I now , already meet them.
With medical costs the way they are its a smart move.

If you click on the post, I found a article where yes
indeed only 10.00 fine if you can't provide proof
of insurance. Unreal.

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