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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All This Stimulus Money.. Just What Did Evansville Get?

Go through and check out what the
Evansville School District got.


I don't see Brodhead on there at all but
I may be missing it.

I don't understand if Evansville got this
stimulus money for road work, why is it
not on this list? Janesville's is , as is

There is a N.Fourth and W.Main but
does not specify as Evansville. I think
maybe it is, how ever with a 00.00 amount
showing it still out for bids?

Which I would then wonder where did this
600,000 come from? or it up to that amount?

I am waiting for another call for more
clarification. When they tell me I will
pass it along.

That is how they described it , as
stimulus money.

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