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Friday, July 31, 2009

Arrest Made IN The Murder OF Kelly Drew and Timothy Hack..

I am so glad for the families that there be
some closure. I think it great law enforcement
never gave up.. I remember when they were
murdered, and I have followed any updates there
have been ever sense.

I hope this brings both their families some peace
almost 30 years later.

Warrants imply Jackson was a drug addict

I think that has become very clear over the
last month. People are responsible for their
own actions, no doubt.

That included Michael Jackson, its tragic
that he died so young.

But if it were not for these Doctors who rake in
the cash for forking over the drugs, he never
would have gotten his hands on those type of
drugs, pretty potent stuff.

I am very glad to hear his mother will have
custody of the kids.. I just don't think Debbie
Rowe really wanted them.. She has gotten to
comfortable with her lifestyle, and she will continue
to get maintenance payments from Michael Jackson's
estate, as was part of her divorce settlement from
Michael.. She will also get visitation rights.

I hope they can all move on now and have some
peace that Michael never had.

Fake scent-tracking dog sends man to prison for 26 years

Just when you think you have heard
it all when it comes to corruption in law
enforcement, WOW!!!

I wonder if the dog took a bribe?

No its not funny its very sad, this guy
spent years in prison because of this fraud.

Sorry Folks NO More Cash For Clunkers???

These 'poor' car dealerships. I bet it felt like
Christmas after the last 18 months of serious
fall offs in sales..

I heard one guy say yesterday he will keep his
Clunker,, no payments.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank You Brett!!!!!!!!

Brad Childress has confirmed to the AP that
Brett will not come out of retirement to play
for the snotty, nasty vikings.

The Vikings Suck...

Lawsuit seeks to block home foreclosures in Minnesota

I don't think this is a bad thing at all. If these companies are going to
take the governments money they need to be held accountable.

Not just do as they please.

Not saying they have to modify every loan that comes along
or refinance it. But when dealing with the government and taking
their money as these banks have, they need to answer to just
what they are doing and why.

I heard on the news this a.m. that some banks are
that are participating in Obama's plan are still
foreclosing on homes instead of modifying them.

So I am hoping the government is keeping a very
close eye on how much money they gave these
companies and what money they don't use
modifying loans they have to give back. Every
last dime needs to be accounted for.

I think some of these banks just looked at it
as big pay day.

Heidi Houses Are Not Cars..

So Heidi did not like the wording of the
'friendly' amendment.

Why would anyone sell their home
for less than what it cost them????

Unless they were desperate and I am
yet to ever hear of that, unless they
were already independently wealthy?

This is tax payer money she is playing

Cars depreciate not houses.

The idea that's its even possible they
would sell for less than what they paid
for it is crazy..

Are they nervous about the fact they
ONCE again built in a lot in a FLOOD area??

How foolish is that with all the different
lots available... One guess who owns the land.

IF there is ever a flooding issue with any of
these houses, it will come back on the school
and the contractor they bought the land from.

They will be liable.

IF we ever have to sell on of these school
' projects' for less than what we have in to it,
it had better be the last ' project' house.

Tax payer money folks.

Remember how much the school is already
costing us in taxes already.

CLICK ON THE post ...The Observer has it.

What Will The Numbers Look Like?

With Evansville being in the hole, be it those
are the numbers from 2007, what will the
2008 numbers look like?

With the lake on there, the W.W.T.F. in 2009???
The 7 million for the W.W.T.F.

Part of the mess is paying for the rumble strip
in the down town. It was not needed nor has it
brought more business to the down town.

This idea of 'if we spend it they will come' is what
my grandpa would say is people spending nilly
willy. Looking for a reason to spend.

What a damn mess. It is a crisis...

We will be watching to see how they get
out of this..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Buffett Teaches Kids About Money In Cartoon

Two deputies killed in Oklahoma shooting

Tragic.. I just will never be able to get over
how some people think it o.k. to shoot someone,

To kill some one because they make you mad.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Shot: dancing down aisle

Very cool. Not the same old boring thing.

Legal loophole allows Rhode Island minors to strip

Family learned over Internet that son was killed

Obama calls white policeman who arrested scholar

We watched the news conference the Police Captain & Union
had. What a joke. They had it to basically say they are
supporting this officer.. What else could they do?

If anything it they were awfully defensive because
according to them, they do no wrong. How dare any
one question them. Laughable at best.

They were also asked by a reporter about all the
racial profiling that goes on in the neighborhood
of the Professor and they had no answer.

So this happening in this neighborhood in particular
is no surprise.

It is nice to see that Obama reached out to this
Officer. Shows he has more class than the entire
group of police & Union reps that spoke at the press
conference today.

Should Have President Obama Made Those Comments?

Should President Obama made those comments regarding
his friend, Professor Gates? They call him President Obama's
friend but I have not heard how long they have been friends. Not
that it matters.

No I don't think he should have made the comments he
did on National T.V. that is.

I think the situation would have been better served had
he called this officer's supervisor and expressed his concerns.

I also don't like seeing the race card played, when its not
warranted. Not every altercation between a officer and
any person of color is race related.

But from what I have read, this officer blew his
stack quickly and it escalated quickly.

The guy was in his own house. You would think
he would be safe there from that sort of treatment.

Is He Racist?

Is the cop who arrested Professor Gates is

I watched his interview , and he seems like a ass.
So how does a racist and a ass sound?

This cop said ' he made remarks about my mother.'

Are you kidding me?? " oh he called my mommy names."

So what? How old are you?

The big question would is, if this guy was white would
he have been arrested for being in his own house?

Probably NOT...

Even a couple of officers have come out and said
this is not how this guy normally acts.

This cop is suppose to be a expert in racial profiling
and he fell right into it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Have Audio Of Evansville's Tax Crisis .

We will be carrying audio of Evansville's tax
crisis in our side bar.. Courtesy of the Evansville
Observer.. Just click on the blue link, From Evansville Observer.

Once again thank you to the Observer for keeping us
truly informed. For giving of your own time and resources
so we can stay informed.

He really is Evansville's true news source.

How Do You Think They Did That?

How do you think members of the city administration,
city council, and Mayor on July 2nd at the grand re-opening
of the lake,, how did they manage to smile and joke?

When they knew damn well what was coming. What
they were going to dump on the citizens of Evansville?

They knew then they were in the hole and I don't mean
Lake Leota.They knew

then about all the budget amendments. They knew
then about the awful news about the W.W.T.F estimates.

They had the meeting just a mere 5 days later.

How did they do that? The cost of the lake contributed to
Evansville being in the hole..

Evansville's financial problems are deeper than
Lake Leota .

I think its kind of scary they could act like everything is
hunky dory, knowing we as tax payers in Evansville
are going to get dumped on.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


MY email to the city as to a SUGGESTION as to
where to cut or save money.

To the city of Evansville.

Since you have made such a fine mess. Make sure
EVERYONE pays for their own CURB&GUTTER .

We do not have a surplus of money to be giving out
free curb and gutters !!!!!!!

IT is shameful at a time of economic crisis the council
would even allow such a thing to happen.

Also NO more damn conferences for ANY city
employee including the MAYOR>> You have
to pay to go to those, and at the very least you
are reimbursed for travel expenses.

Have someone take notes for you from another
town that may be going. If you want to know
what is going on so badly at this conference.

Make sure you tell this person you can't go
because of the mess you have made of your
own city's finance's.

Most Sincerely,


Evansville faces $132,000 budget shortfall

So now they have set up a email address for suggestions?
But yet when people voiced concern all along they were ignored.

The city council did this with their frivolous spending
and failing to see beyond their own nose, much less

I do believe the high school has a economics class both
they and the school board should be required to sit in on
and pass.

I have said it before and I will say it again, they are bankrupting
this town.

As for furloughs. Not a bad idea if its a furlough and not a
lay off. Would it not be sad if the city council's spending costs
people their job.

But with a furlough it could be planned weeks to months in
advance. People can budget for that time.

My friend at the state is going to have to take furlough days
and is planning on using them to her advantage. Getting
some projects done around the house she has been wanting
to do.

The next time you see your city council member and Mayor
make sure you thank them for this mess.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Observer Has The Audio From Meeting.

The Observer has the audio from
last nights meeting with the W.T.A.

I liked the cities he compared us to
last night. He was not the guy I talked
to . I talked with a Mr.Knapp.

This goes to show the city council is
right in the middle of spending, I believe
he said 8th out of 22 in the state?

Not the best. He also said the numbers
were from 2007.

But on some areas lower in some areas than
others so not all bad.

Very interesting. Now what will they
do with the information they got.

He called us a 'bedroom ' community
we know this. He also pointed out
the obvious, we have very little
industrial .. hmm

Will they use it or ignore it?

** Now the numbers Mr.Knapp
gave me were for Rock County only
not comparing with the rest of the

Thank you to the Observer for
bringing us this audio.

A Little Bitter?

Listening to this video audio one has to
wonder if Sandy Spanton is not just a
little bitter she did not get her way
two years ago?

When she wanted to have a off campus

As far as parents getting involved?

Many have tried, and met walls and
frustration when dealing with the school.

It's almost like they ask and say they
want parent
participation, and then when they get it
they make things difficult.

These teachers and staff need to remember
whose kids these are and who pays their
salary. Why it is they have a job.

Why it is they are there.. Its not to relive
their own high school days.

Father lauds Wisconsin firemen after son is rescued from burning SUV

Incredible video on this.

Incredible the way the neighbors
jumped right in.

How the 2 off duty firefighters
happened upon the scene.

The off duty police officer.

All coming together to save
this family. Not every day
you see this.

Nothing More Than A Gold Digging Bxxxx....

What a stupid woman. There
is no credibility to her story.

A year later, no criminal complaint
just looking for $$$$$$$

Stupid Woman.

*** Yes Kobe did it.

Ill. deputy accused zapping 3 kids with stun gun

There needs to be a third party investigation. Having the state
police and his own dept investigate is a joke.

His ass should have been fired and jailed.

I hope they sue for big $$$$$$

Larson Acres plans expansion

Have You Thought About Hawthorn's??

Do you miss having a steak house in town? I know its
not as nice as having one in Evansville, but in few
short minutes down highway 14, in Oregon you will
find Hawthorn's.

We were in to Hawthorn's this last week to have
supper with friends and were very surprised to
see Greg Aridisson their as general manager.

So if want some good food, stop in and check
them out.. They have a very nice bar area and
good food.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael Vick Is A Free Man...

Yes, Michael Vick is a free man.
Yes, barring any decision by the N.F.L.
he will play Pro again.. NO doubt about it.

I despise what he did. But he has been dealt
with by the courts..

He deserves a second chance and will get it.

So all you haters.. grow up.

All these goofy ass petitions are nothing
more than a waste of time..It's not a matter
of will he play but when and where.

Did You See The King And I ??

IF you did not , I highly recommend you
put it on your schedule for this week.

It was excellent. They have such talent
from top to bottom.

I am so impressed with the young people
that participate .

It is something they will always be able to
look back on, as just a incredible experience.

Congratulations to all on a great job done.

Sheriff mentions new motive in killings of Florida couple

They Should Be..

thank you to the Observer and Bill for this post on this.

Blogger Bill Connors said...

The outrage on the Gazette site about the fact that there will be no special assessments for curb and gutter on W. Main St. reminds me of a Council vote on a special assessment issue back when I was city administrator and excecutive director of the redevelopment authority. When Main Street in the downtown was reconstructed, I was of the opinion that tax increment should have been used to pay for the sidewalks and curb and gutter so the business property owners would not have to pay special assessments for them. It soon became clear that some members of the Common Council did not share my opinion, so I asked the Council to vote on the issue. The Council deadlocked, and then Mayor Janis Ringhand cast the deciding vote to make the downtown business property owners pay the special assessments. I think former Mayor Ringhand was concerned that if the downtown business property owners were not required to pay special assessments for sidewalk and curb and gutter, later street reconstruction projects with special assessments on residential properties would cause a popular uprising.

Bill Connors
Former Evansville City Administrator

Anyone who has had to pay for their curb and gutter should
be concerned.

Mayor Decker could stand to take a page from former Mayor Ringhand
on this issue.
It's called Integrity.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Janesville Teen Drives Off Of Bridge

They are very lucky.

Wis. Court Praises Drunken Concert Goer

The Wisconsin court is right. How often would
you ever find me siding with a drunk? BUT he
tried to do the right thing.

IF nothing the officer should have demanded
he call someone and get a ride or go to jail,
as he is only 19..

But instead this officer encouraged driving after

Family sues over death

This is a brief run down :


Along with the city and county, the claim lists the following individuals:

-- Edgerton Police Department Chief Tom Klubertanz. The Gazette could not reach Klubertanz this morning for comment.

-- Edgerton police officer Doug Vierck. Vierck arrived at 39 Mildred Ave. on Aug. 13—five days before the bodies were found—after Tina Pond, Jenni's mother, called police. Pond was worried when she couldn't reach Jenni, even though it appeared Jenni was sending Pond text messages asking for help, according to the claim.

Vierck went to the house to check on Jenni but did not write a report, according to the claim.

Later, Jenni told her mother that Shaun was mad that Vierck had come to the house, had found Shaun's gun and had left instructions for Jenni to call Vierck, according to the claim.

-- Edgerton police officers Christian Chilson and Michael Williams. On Aug. 16—two days before the bodies were found—Jenni called 911. Police were dispatched to check on Shaun, who had been threatening to kill himself. Jenni told dispatchers she didn't want to go home, according to the claim.

When Chilson and Williams got to 39 Mildred Ave., they found Shaun had apparently barricaded the front door, the claim states. Officers took him into custody at gunpoint.

The officers called Jenni and asked her to come home "against her stated wishes," according to the claim. Police found Shaun's gun and confirmed many text messages on Jenni's and Shaun's phones.

Jenni told police she didn't want to be responsible for Shaun. Police told her Shaun would be leaving the house and she would have time to get her things out, according to the claim.

Police did not arrest Shaun but decided to place him on an emergency detention at Rock County Crisis Intervention, according to the claim. The officers took Shaun to the former Rock County Health Care Center, 3530 N. County F, Janesville, where Williams completed the emergency detention paperwork.

-- Rock County Crisis Intervention worker Terry Murphy. She conducted Shaun's mental health evaluation after Shaun was taken into custody by police, according to documents obtained by the Gazette.

According to the claim, Murphy called Williams nine minutes after Williams dropped Shaun off for the evaluation. Murphy said Shaun was going to be released to his sister, according to the claim.

Crisis intervention took Shaun to his sister's home in Milton but failed to tell her any specific information about why Shaun was there, according to the claim.

"Despite probable cause of the commission of numerous crimes, Shaun was never arrested," the claim states.

Jenni was not notified that Shaun was released from police or Rock County custody, the claim states."

Such a sad tragic thing to have happen. There are a lot of could have's and should have's.

IF only we could all read minds.

O.K. Who Has Been Teasing The Observer..

So who has been teasing him about covering the Karaoke?
It's great that he did, someone needs to.

East Main Street's very own Al Harris won the Karaoke
sing off...

Congratulations to Al..

The guy can really sing.!

** click on post.

Do We Need A PinWheel?

I think wanting to put a pinwheel out by the W.W.T.F plant
is a interesting one. But the fact that the numbers for
this project has jumped from $3,600,000 to $7.233,521
is RIDICULOUS. It almost doubled. Do what you need
to do to maintain the W.W.T.F.,, we don't need the extras
such as the pinwheel.. If we were rolling in money , I would
say go for it.. But the fact is this is going to be financed.

The claim it will save money ... that's nice but we as tax
payers will never see a savings.. WHY because as with
the hotel tax they will spend it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Budget Problems For The City

Check out the audio coverage on the Observer.
This should surprise no one

Check out the HUGE increase for the waste
water treatment plant.

Now where should this stimulus money
really be going?

The Lake dredging issues, you knew
there was going to be problems. with
projects like that its unusual to not
have some.

I would not at be surprised to see the
police dept numbers go up even more
before they are done. Time will tell.

The Road To Oz..

All this talk of what road should be repaired
with this stimulus money

Have you looked at West Main?? I walked it
yesterday just to see just how bad it was.

It's NOT..

Now their proposal to re-do West Main &
fourth street to the city limits is odd. What
a odd combo.

Now no one can really argue that fourth
street does not need help it has some really
bad spots.

What about the other half of fourth street
from the way its described in the paper
it does not sound like they are doing that
why not? That is just as bad as the other
half of fourth. How damn goofy is that
going to look. They should just do fourth
as it actually needs it, and leave West Main
until they have the money.. and West Main
goes all the way down to fifth, so they were
not going to do that either.. It would look
horrible a little here and a little there..

Fix the roads that need it the most and
West Main should not be at the top of the

But the path this takes from the city limits
to the down town area, is it suppose to be
like the road to Oz?

If this is going to be the road to Oz who is
behind the curtain????

Brodhead Schools Get Some Nice Change

Yesterday when talking with them, they
tried telling me Brodhead was in Rock
County.. Maybe a little but not the school.

So here are figures of what Green County

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All This Stimulus Money.. Just What Did Evansville Get?

Go through and check out what the
Evansville School District got.


I don't see Brodhead on there at all but
I may be missing it.

I don't understand if Evansville got this
stimulus money for road work, why is it
not on this list? Janesville's is , as is

There is a N.Fourth and W.Main but
does not specify as Evansville. I think
maybe it is, how ever with a 00.00 amount
showing it still out for bids?

Which I would then wonder where did this
600,000 come from? or it up to that amount?

I am waiting for another call for more
clarification. When they tell me I will
pass it along.

That is how they described it , as
stimulus money.

Evansville Vs Brodhead.

No I am not talking about a football game. I am talking

Brodhead's school population is very close to Evansville's.
Which is odd, as Brodhead is half the size we are.

But any way I wanted to compare taxes.

Brodhead's school tax levy is 8.35 per thousand.
Evansville's is 10.24 per thousand. OUCH..

That has to change.. I feel sorry for Brodhead same
amount of students give or take a few, they must be
just as crowded as Heidi thinks we are.. NOT.

But Brodhead as far as I am aware is not paying off
a loan. We need a serious break from school spending.

I chose Brodhead to compare to because I know the numbers
are about the same.

In terms of Green County , the top towns/cities with the
highest taxes is .. Monroe, which I expected, Brodhead
and then New Glarus. But those are the three largest
towns in Green County.

I would have truly expected Janesville to have the
highest taxes, then Beloit..

NOT Clinton and then Evansville. Ridiculous.

I am assuming the school board will be at this July 21st
meeting with the W.T.A.?? Not just the council.
I would hope so.

Sorry For The Emails

I must apologize to those of you I sent emails to regarding
being able to leave comments. As I found out, it would not
only have allowed you to leave comments, but to actually make
posts. Which if you want to make actual posts, you need your
own blog.. comments yes, posts no.

Even though at times I thought it could be interesting
to have guest posters. I do miss Jeff for as much as
he harassed me. Because usually after he got done
asking if I was crazy, he made good points in his
argument on the issue.

I miss seeing Karen Aikman any where, she has not
even been posting on the Observer from what I have
noticed. I had sent one to Karen, and Melissa
the Observer, and someone at the school.

I like knowing who I am talking to. I can actually
now put a face with Jeff. I saw him and Mason
out one night. So even though he can be some what
biased because of his friendship with Mason, he does
make good points.

I would have sent one to Grumps had I know how
to reach him.

Karen and Melissa both explain things very well.
You don't have to like what they say or agree with
it but they are honest and explain things well.

I also had sent one to our city administrator
but I do believe in his contract it says.

" thou shall not talk to any city blog, and
only give the papers what you want them
to know, not all the facts."

That's why I think Bill Connors is great
With his willingness to explain things. Very
smart man.

I don't always agree with him, and when he
was city administrator many times after talking
with him I walked away telling him I thought
that was a bunch of crap.. mostly relating to

But he was honest. He is honest.

So at some point I will take comments again
but at my discretion.

Just like certain papers don't post
letters to the editor if they don't like
them. ( I wonder which one.)
We bloggers don't have to post
everything we get. That is our right.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Even I Had Not Thought Of That.

Click on the post to see some of the comments
coming in on Evansville receiving the stimulus

A couple people have left comments that regardless
of where this money came from,, WHY should these
residents NOT have to pay for their curb and gutter?

Why should they not pay for it, like everyone else
who got socked with a bill for curb&gutter in the
last 10 years.

THIS stimulus money is not FREE money.
We are all paying for it.

IT is wrong that they not be charged for their
curb and gutter like everyone else.

Or is it a matter of WHO lives on West Main St???

Cheney kept CIA program from Congress, source says

Cheney is not only a clueless old man, but crooked
as they come.

Pentagon considers smoking ban for troops

This is just ridiculous. I don't like people
smoking around me, my kids. We don't
allow it in our house.

But this is ridiculous.. Let them have their
cigarettes. If they are over their fighting
for us or training to do so give them a break.

Just Because They ARE LOW does NOT make all GOOD..

So Evansville's muncipal rate is the lowest
out of the eight, including Evansville .

I really don't get how they can compare
Orfordville, footville??? and towns that small to us.

So saying we are the lowest is just
slightly misleading.

But it could be worse we could be Clinton.

That does not make all that they do shiny
and good.

The council has approved numerous projects
in the last couple of years that were not

The rumble strip.
The lake
The extravagant west side park.
The tif money, on the Eager building

Have any of these things brought money
into the city and lowered taxes?


They Are Going To Have To Suck It Up and IN!!!!!!

I am still stunned by the fact the Evansville School District,
and how much they spend , compared to schools much bigger.
I know we don't have long left on the H.S. loan, I want to
see their numbers GO down.

They have done a very poor job of planning. Remember when
they remodeled the elementary school? It was not even 3 years
after that they started crying about it not being big enough.

I think I have said it numerous times on here and I will say it
again. I am not impressed at all with Heidi Carvin.

The only thing she has shown us is she knows how
to spend tax payer money.

I will never, never forget when she was pushing so
hard for the 4k,, she saw each potential 4K child as
$$$$$... Because they would receive so much for
each child , and by her projections she thought they
might actually come out ahead and have extra money
left over. She saw it as a money making venture.
But she has been wrong before about how much they
would be getting from the government..

I will never forget that.

It seems as though the school district likes nice
shiny buildings , but don't have a clue as how
to pay for them.

Maybe they should start with doing regular
maintenance on the ones we have.

My house is 150+ yrs old but I don't
get to trade it in because of maintenance

I have two kids still in school.. I see not a
thing wrong with the T.R.I.S school if they
would do maintenance on a regular basis. I
did not see buckets sitting around near the
end of the school year when it rained, so they
must have finally resolved the roof issues.

They think they are crowded??? I don't see
it, and I am there weekly during the school year.

In the coming years they may have to suck up
and in,, but have we all not had to make some
sacrifices in the last year.

We should expect nothing less of our schools
and school board.

********** NOW for these very reasons is why
I think the Observer should have run for school
board again.. He knows how to balance a budget
he knows his math, his finances. We need some
one who will challenge Heidi. NOT be a yes ma'am
or sir. Right now that is what we have.

The thought of the Observer on the school
board scares Heidi,and she knows it.
Some of the tactics used
a couple of years ago proves it.

I miss Art he thought nothing of asking Heidi
the hard questions.

Evansville gets $600,000 to start road project

This is very good news for Evansville, as long as they don't
try to pave it in gold (or bricks) just because they have the
extra money.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Steve McNair Remembered

Such a tragic thing. He will be missed.

Iowa police chief accidentally shoots officer in the stomach

Are there not safety's on those things?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disgusting and Disturbing

I agree with Jesse Jackson.

A Little Rewind::: I Am Very Blessed.

I have known since I was old enough to remember that I was adopted.
My parents always made it known to me that if I ever wanted to look
for my birth parents they would help me.

I always thought about it , but never had any real desire to until
after my dad died and you begin thinking about how short life is.

I decided I would put in my request through the adoption agency
and it would be what it would be. If they found them great, if not
I tried. I was never someone who just had to find them , because
it felt like something was missing. I had, have a very complete life.

I actually started looking because after my dad died , I wanted
family history for medical reasons. When they informed me that
they would have to find my birth mother to get that information
did I want to make contact with her, I thought why not.

I was fortunate that it did not take long at all. She was living
in Northern Wisconsin with one of my sisters. Not in good health.

Shortly there after my mom and I made the trip up north and met
my birth mom and sisters. There were five of us all together.

My family quickly became larger, as I felt very comfortable with them.
Very nice people. We have stayed in touch and visited each other

This past week my birth mom died. She was 70. We made the trip
up to Marinette. They are right on Lake Michigan. Right on the border.
Beautiful up there.

I felt very conflicted or maybe some feelings of guilt because my
adoptive mom will always be my mom. She has been all my life.

Yet here was this wonderful woman who made a very courageous
choice, and let me go to have a better life. She loved enough to let go.

There can be no greater love than that.

Several people at the funeral made comments to me that lead me
to believe it was not pretty growing up for my other siblings. That
it really was best I was placed for adoption. I agree.

I have never had any resentment towards my birth mom for placing
me up for adoption. I was lucky. I was very fortunate to be adopted
by a wonderful family.

I am also very fortunate to have 'another ' family up north who truly
are family in every sense of the word.

I am very blessed and grateful.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Does Not Matter Who The Biological Parents Are...

Here we go. There will be a fight for
Michael Jackson's kids.

Who are the biological parents?
Who cares.

Biological parents do not ALWAYS make
the best parents. That is not
what is always best for the kids.

From what I heard on Cnn under
California law people have ONLY
two years from the time a child is
born to dispute paternity. After
that time frame they are for
all intent the children of whom
ever has legal guardianship.

So any claim of to these children
can not legally be done at this time.
As they are all older than two.

Debbie Rowe says she 'may' fight
for them. Please. They belong
with the Jackson's , in particular
Katherine Jackson.

I am not so sure about Joe Jackson.

But also the kids are getting to
the age when they should be
old enough to have some say in
where they live.

But regardless they need to
be protected.

That is one thing Michael did
very well he protected them
very well.

Biological parents are not
always whats best for the kids.

Our prays are with them.

Police: Girlfriend killed ex-NFL QB, then herself

So she thought he was cheating on her?
HELLO!!!! little girl he was MARRIED!!!

Her family has said that she was
so sure he was going to leave his
wife for her,, that she was making
plans to move in with him.

But yet she thought he was cheating
on her with some one other than \
his wife?

I don't understand it.. His wife is
beautiful.. But as someone said
its not about what was 'wrong'
with the wife its about what is
' wrong' with the cheater.

Very sad. How devastating for his
wife and kids.


THE city's we were compared to
are, Janesville, Milton, Edgerton,
Beloit, Orfordville, Footville, and CLINTON.

Clinton has the highest over all taxes.

Our municipal rate is actually the lowest
out of those eight towns.. No one more
surprised than me.

SOCKING IT TO US.. $10.24 Per thousand
one of the highest in the County.. I think
they were only out done by Clinton.

And they want to build MORE!!!!!!!!! No

With everything together we have the
SECOND highest taxes in the county.


Our taxes are made up of

tech school
state ( goes to forest programs)

So for a town hardly of 5000 people
WHAT are we going to do about our


I got my information from speaking
with the Wisconsin Tax Alliance.

This is pretty scary numbers for a
town our size..

Our population does not support
what is being spent.

Wisconsin TaxPayers Alliance Coming To Town..

The Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance is coming to town!!!!!!!!!
They are going to explain to the council where they stand
compared to other towns the same size.

Come on the city council KNOWS where we stand.
We are very high.

With the exception of one they don't much care.
Evidently the budgeting for 2010 is going to
start to be discussed at this meeting at well.

My question would be do they ever
stick to the budget? Way to many
projects go over budget,, and instead of
looking where they could cut back, they
just spend.

July 21st,, 6:00 p.m. H.S. Media room.

Rodney King Detective Kills Herself At Sheriff's Station

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Of All The Records Broken

Of all the records Michael Jackson broke, he
also broke the record by any 'pop' singer in terms
of how much money he gave to charity..

That was something new I learned about him

He did not make a big deal about it
he just did it.

I Watched

I watched the memorial service for
Michael Jackson from the comfort of
my house. I was in and out, but for the
most part saw the majority of it.

I cried, many emotional stories.

People forget that this is a family

I think Al Sharpton stated the
most obvious comment to Jackson's

Say what you will, but the Rev. Al Sharpton spoke forcefully and eloquently about the King of Pop. He tells Michael Jackson’s children that it “wasn't nothing strange about your Daddy. It was strange what your Daddy had to deal with. But he dealt with it anyway.”

That is a very true statement.

Al Sharpton gave a very powerful speech.

People seem to forget he has children who
love him dearly.

His daughter spoke, and I cried.
She cried. Her heart is broken.
It made everyone remember he was
human first, son,DAD, brother,uncle
and entertainer last.

He will be missed.

Very powerful Memorial.

Rest In Peace Michael...

I hope that Michael Jackson is now at peace.
He seemed to so very much struggle in life
with whom he was .

All that money, all that fame, all those fans.
Yet he did not accept himself as he was.

Before he started all those surgery's he
was a good looking guy. Why mess with it.

I think there will always be so many questions.

Such a talent, so tragic.
Rest in Peace Michael.

You will be missed.

Lets Say A Pray For The L.A. Police Today...

What a fricking night mare they are going to be
dealing with today..So much potential for something
to go very wrong. With that many people.

Seriously why did they not just do a televised
memorial??? Keep everyone at home or in
the bars watching!!!! It would have kept
down the 3 Million tab they are reporting this
is going to cost California.

Its about money.. The promoter knows they
will more than likely profit from it.

What about those people selling their
'tickets' on line for outrageous money..

That is shameful. This is a memorial.


My sister's high school classmate is officer
out there and will be working the Staples
area today. When she called him all he
would say is ' Talk to me when its over.'

Its going on two weeks they have been
dealing with crowds of people at various
places around the city.

We will be thinking about all of those trying to
keep some degree of calm out there today

Monday, July 6, 2009

It Is Because Of My Cat..

Well I did not karaoke this last weekend.
Besides being very tired from the weekend.

I was singing to myself on Sunday morning
as I got things ready to go to a friends for
a BBQ.

My cat , who is older . . Came into the kitchen
and sat down and looked at me as I sang.

She meowed, and meowed like something was
wrong. Giving me this look..

She is kind of older and gives me looks all the
time. But if I stopped singing, she stopped
meowing.. But if I started, she then started
meowing at me again.

After a while, I told her I could take
a hint.. Now how was I suppose to
go and karaoke, if even my cat
was having a hard time
taking in my singing.

I had hoped the Observer would
give it a try.

But I took the advice of my
cat and for now have given
up my try at a singing career.

She probably knows best.

I Feel Sorry For His Wife

It is tragic what happened to
Steve McNair. I feel sorry for
his kids. They are the ones who
will have to carry this with them
for the rest of their lives. But I
feel very sorry for his wife.

How awful to have something so
private made so public. In such
a unfortunate and awful way.

Many men and woman cheat
on their significant others and
they don't deserve to be killed for

I am sure this young girl/woman
thought he would leave his wife
for her.

I do not understand why anyone
would choose to get involved with
someone who is married.

Very sad, and tragic.

We Should Consider Our Selves Fortunate.

I hope everyone had a great Fourth Of July.
It was pretty decent weather.

We watched the fireworks from the
park and we actually sat next to the
'festival' tent.. Festival tent my xxxx
what the hell.. ONE would think they must
have taken some heat for the beer tent
or why try to dress it up as a festival tent?

It was the same old beer tent its been year after year.

The fireworks I thought were nice. But maybe its
because we were sitting next to the beer tent, we
heard some very discouraging remarks from different
people regarding the fireworks. You know people
drinking and running their mouths.

But there are quite a few community's that don't
have fire works at all. They either can't afford it
or just have no desire to do it.

So I think regardless we should be grateful.

It was a nice weekend.

Mass. mom accused of withholding cancer meds

This woman killed her child, just as if she had
ran him over with her car or in any other manner.

She belongs in prison.

As a adult if you want to skip appt's or not
go through with a treatment prescribed by
your DR. that is your choice.

NOT when it comes to your child. You have the
responsibility to get them medical care, regardless
of your own beliefs.

School bullying, once a silent battle, now a crime

The amount of teasing, bullying, harassing what
ever you want to call it and all of it is gotten
very ridiculous. It is at a very high level at
Evansville schools . They try to address it
but it tends to be the same kids doing the
bullying quite often, so are they really addressing
it or just trying to put a band aid on it?

click on post.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Steve McNair Killed

He was one of my favorite players that was
not a Packer.

36 years old..

It looks to be a double homicide , but details
are still coming in..

I do hope they find who did this quickly.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Resigns... What Is She Up To???

What ever she does , she is not to be trusted.

A Challenge To The Observer.....

I will karaoke during the open karaoke time if
you do.. Come On it will be fun!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone gets a chance to check out
some of the festivities this weekend...

Have Fun... Stay Safe..

Happy Fourth!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Palin confident she can outrun Obama

She is such a joke.

By July 2010 ForThose Of You Who Don't Have It Will Need It..By Law??

In the state budget that was passed this last week
included making car insurance mandatory.
Liability at the very least.

About time.

When I worked at American Family it was not
uncommon to get calls from customers needing
us to fax proof of insurance to the court house or
at times having a officer right at their car, needing
some one to verify they did indeed have insurance.

But what I heard on the news is what happens if
you don't have that little insurance card to show
proof of insurance if you are pulled over or in a
accident... A TEN DOLLAR FINE? Just like
for seat belts.. I need to find out more info
on that, I can not believe it would only be a
10.00 fine.. I sat there thinking there must
be more to this than that..

Why bother at all.. But also there will be
those who drive without insurance any way
there are those who drive with no license.
So driving with NO insurance would not be
a big deal.

Officer's will also be able to stop people for
not wearing their seatbelts. I don't understand
why people don't . In our vehicles its automatic.
It's not even a question, you get in, you get your
seatbelt on or we don't move.

One of our friends will listen to his car ding at
him for miles, because he does not have his
seat belt on, I don't know how he can stand it.
I am always like ' put your damn seatbelt on.'

Liability limits also are going up as well. But most
people I now , already meet them.
With medical costs the way they are its a smart move.

If you click on the post, I found a article where yes
indeed only 10.00 fine if you can't provide proof
of insurance. Unreal.