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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

President?? I do mean Principal Cashore?

So Jamie Gillespie is resigning? She has taken a new
position in North Carolina.. She has not been here very
long. I would have expected her to stick around a
while longer.

Sadly I think she found politics rules this town & the
schools as well.

So now the search is on? WHY should they look any
further than Brian Cashore? Or others
with in the district. Why make the time and
expense of a a search? I strongly believe in promoting
from within.

I have serious issues with Brian Cashore , the pending
lawsuit is a personal black mark against him, as he could
have and should have done more about the situation at
the time. It's called ' the good old boys club.' and that is
why he did nothing.

But over all despite his bad decisions at times , is he qualified?
I suspect he is. Does he even want the job?

But I know of at least one other teacher at the high school
who would most certainly consider throwing her name into
the ring, as she has been finishing up her degree for a while

I think its important to promote from within.
I also think its important NOT to hire friends.

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