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Friday, June 19, 2009

Office of Educational Accountability

I spoke with Phil Olson at the D.P.I. yesterday about
Evansville not 'making the grade.' at the T.R.I.S. school.

We talked for quite a while.

I found out that yes indeed that receive money
for 'FAILING' the test if they do it two years
in a row. They must be 'identified' before they
receive any money..

I told him I thought it was ridiculous to expect
the special education kids to perform as well on
this test, as their main stream classroom peers.

I mean come on, they are in special education
for a reason.. Because they don't learn as fast
or the same way their peers do.. They are not
held to the same expectations any other time
why for this..

Kids who are severely disabled take a different
test .. but are still expected to take the test
and meet a certain goal.

But as he pointed out,, other schools, bigger
schools with even more special ed students
passed this with no problem.

I have enclosed the link where you can go and
browse through the stats.

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