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Friday, June 12, 2009

Is It Really That Hard Being A Teacher's Kid?

Some would say it has it perks.

Like when the entire class is told to settle down
and the teacher's kid is one the kids who continues
with the behavior and nothing is ever said
to her mom, and she does not get referred to
the office as others do.

Junior high can be hard, but not when you
get perks.

Is it really that hard being a teacher's kid
when during basketball practice when you
don't feel like doing one of the drills.. so you
don't and they still let you play in the game.

Is it really that hard being a teacher's kid
when she is not originally asked to help
with a certain project, but she whines
and complains until the instructor lets her

But what makes it worse is her mother
who is a special ed teacher in the T.R.I.S.
school seems to ignore her behavior.

She expects better behavior out of her
students than she does her own daughter.

Pretty damn sad would you not say?

A couple of parents whose daughters were
on the basketball team with her this year
and in some of the classes with her were
telling me about some of the things this kid

My friend teaches third grade in a neighboring
district, and her comment was when we were
discussing this was.. ' I would never teach where
my kids go to school.' So she does not have
to worry about these types of things.

Pretty damn sad that the daughter is allowed
to get away with this . Like I said so sad its
so hard being a teacher's kid.

Nice perks..

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