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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Evansville trying to buy properties to fix water issues

I bet they are. They should have done this years ago.
I feel for those people on the west side, those homes
never should have been built. It was a matter of total
greed by the contractors, and the city. These home
owners will never get for their homes what they paid
for them.. I drove through that area last month when
dropping my son off at a friend's.

People's sump pumps just a going by evidence of
streams of water and black hoses coming from
too many houses out there.

What is the city doing for all the individual home
owners who suffered a great loss by the damage
done by the water that enters their home 9 months
out of 12. Why don't they start by lowering their
taxes.. Because they sure the hell are not worth what
they are assessed at.

I talked with one family who is going to have to replace
the wall in their basement due to the damage.

This house is not even six years old yet, and they
are having to look at major foundation repairs.

Maybe if the city council did not jump and say 'yes'
every time someone wants to build.. Maybe if they
actually educated them selves.. this never would have

Because of THEIR poor choices.. Evansville tax payers


*** My house is 150+ years old. .. I don't need a sump pump,
and I don't get water in basement.. So sad these brand new homes
who NEVER should have had to worry about water.. sad at what
they are facing.

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