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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cancel Them

All this crap with Jon and Kate+8 is crap.. Cancel that show.
It is a prime example of failure. Not that Jon is such a
great guy, but she comes off and acts like a bitch.

She is to busy running around the country promoting her
show and book to really know what her kids are doing.

She has made it clear she is the one who wants the show
to go on, its all about money.. She sold her family out
for money.. She put money before her family.

Quite frankly who gives a crap how they handle all
their kids.. There are plenty of families with multiples
who are not exploiting their children for money.

Please cancel this show...

***** I have never watched the show,,EVER.. but
just gotten a nasty taste from all the crap surrounding it.

That are a bad example for anyone to be watching

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