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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well Wishes To Mr.Alisankus,

Evansville's Judge Alisankus was involved in a
accident this last week..We wish him a speedy

Those damn deer they have no insurance
and they are usually drunk.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Officers Shoot, Kill Bear In La Crosse Park

This is the second article I have read
on this. It's funny how the police thought
there was a danger, but not the actual people
at the park.

The bear went up a tree? The d.n.r. guy
did not have a tranquilizer gun? The bear
ran from them, did NOT run towards them.

IF the bear went up the tree, the d.n.r.
would have had time to call or have
some one bring him a tranquilizer gun.

Shame on them. Sounds like some one
was itchin to use their gun.


Judge seeks $170B in forfeitures from Madoff, who awaits sentence

Teen Shot By Police Sues For $3 Million

Detroit politician admits bribery

It can happen anywhere....

Billy Mays Dies At 50

Once again someone way to young. I think all of
us had been subject to one of his commercials
at some point.

He had a talent, for selling.
I will say, one of his biggest things
he sold was the Oxi-Clean.. I don't
think it works at all.

It will be curious to see what the autopsy
shows.. He evidently was on a plane that
had a very rough landing, and had hit his
head the day before.

Life is so short..

Only 50

The 2009 BET Awards: A Tribute To MJ

Wow, it was a show..
I think its more important to tell people how
you feel about them when they are alive and with

It's great all the memorials and comments by
friends of his .

But I wonder how many wish they had made
more of a effort to tell him when he was alive.

Life is short, appreciate the friends and family
you have.

Are You Ready For The Fourth?

I can not believe its going to be July already.
It sounds like there is going to be plenty of fun
things to do at the park.

I do think Evansville has one of the best
fire works displays around.

What about the karaoke they do? I doubt
any super stars will be discovered but
its always fun.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pa. mother charged with changing daughter's grades

Embattled South Carolina Governor to repay trip expenses

Should he resign? Over the affair?? No.
Using money that was not his to carry on
the affair, regardless if its paid back or not.

Yes.. with the economy the way it is. It just
shows how people in these positions can abuse
their power and the money that goes with it.

He basically stole the money to carry on the affair.

He needs to go.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies

He was a very, very talented person.
It's sad, way to young to die.

I will miss him.

Janesville Loses.. No Surprise...

This does not surprise me at all. Michigan
fought more for it.

Farrah Fawcett Dies of Cancer at 62

So very sad. She had a long fight against
a nasty cancer.

She was very talented. I will probably
always like her best for Charlies Angels,
but she did much more.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Missing Ohio girl found with mom, sex offender

Some thing not quite right with this lady.
She will have a hard time saying she did
not know. Come on they were 'hiding'.

I wonder how he was ever placed in
a half way house to begin with. He is
a tier 3 sex offender. At high risk for

Cancel Them

All this crap with Jon and Kate+8 is crap.. Cancel that show.
It is a prime example of failure. Not that Jon is such a
great guy, but she comes off and acts like a bitch.

She is to busy running around the country promoting her
show and book to really know what her kids are doing.

She has made it clear she is the one who wants the show
to go on, its all about money.. She sold her family out
for money.. She put money before her family.

Quite frankly who gives a crap how they handle all
their kids.. There are plenty of families with multiples
who are not exploiting their children for money.

Please cancel this show...

***** I have never watched the show,,EVER.. but
just gotten a nasty taste from all the crap surrounding it.

That are a bad example for anyone to be watching

Monday, June 22, 2009

Keep Them Inside

I was running errands on Sunday and what
did I see,, a dog locked in a car windows up.

It was hot&humid and no animal should have
been left in any vehicle. It will only be worse
today and the rest of the summer.

I sat there for about five minutes watching this
dog bark, and look out the window wondering if
I should call the police or just get store mgmt.

Thankfully the owner came out and drove away.

But how stupid.. This guy never would have sat
in his car with the windows up and no air on. But
he thought it was o.k. for his dog.

Out to go to the bathroom and back in is all our
dogs are going to see of the outside the next few

Thank Goodness For These Officer's--Woman Accused of Stabbing Puppy

There needs to be stiffer punishment for those
who abuse animals. People who do this to
animals are very scary..

Milton police chief concerned about juvenile crime

What about juvenile crime in Evansville? School is out
and I willing to bet the police dept has been busy with
extra calls about misbehaving kids.

Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm and did not
have time to get in trouble.

If we ever said the word bored, our mom and dad
found us something to do. We never lacked for things
to do.

But it would seem here in town when kids run the
streets, that's all they do is find and create trouble.

Not all kids, unfortunately to many times just
the same ones.

Some one told me the other day about kids
huffing freon . Why and how the hell do they
do that? I just don't know how they think
of these things. It is deadly. They can
die from this..

I am just amazed how some kids run the
streets from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. , where
the hell are the parents...

Some parents think the community should
be their baby sitter.. I feel sorry for those

Favre Has Signed With The Vikings.. And I Am Done.

If this is true.. I am done supporting him.
I think any support he still had among Wisconsinites
he will lose..

It is the ultimate betrayal. Playing with snakes and
will get bit..

I hope the Packer's kick the Vikings ass with our
without Favre.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Office of Educational Accountability

I spoke with Phil Olson at the D.P.I. yesterday about
Evansville not 'making the grade.' at the T.R.I.S. school.

We talked for quite a while.

I found out that yes indeed that receive money
for 'FAILING' the test if they do it two years
in a row. They must be 'identified' before they
receive any money..

I told him I thought it was ridiculous to expect
the special education kids to perform as well on
this test, as their main stream classroom peers.

I mean come on, they are in special education
for a reason.. Because they don't learn as fast
or the same way their peers do.. They are not
held to the same expectations any other time
why for this..

Kids who are severely disabled take a different
test .. but are still expected to take the test
and meet a certain goal.

But as he pointed out,, other schools, bigger
schools with even more special ed students
passed this with no problem.

I have enclosed the link where you can go and
browse through the stats.

I Love Storms..

Last night was great. No serious damage,
and plenty of rain.

The sirens went off a couple times last
night, which we heard them. But we need
to invest in weather radio,

I watched David George, channel 15.
for a couple of hours in the early a.m.
He must really love his job, long night
for him..

Thanks to all of those who keep us informed
at all hours of the day and night.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

President?? I do mean Principal Cashore?

So Jamie Gillespie is resigning? She has taken a new
position in North Carolina.. She has not been here very
long. I would have expected her to stick around a
while longer.

Sadly I think she found politics rules this town & the
schools as well.

So now the search is on? WHY should they look any
further than Brian Cashore? Or others
with in the district. Why make the time and
expense of a a search? I strongly believe in promoting
from within.

I have serious issues with Brian Cashore , the pending
lawsuit is a personal black mark against him, as he could
have and should have done more about the situation at
the time. It's called ' the good old boys club.' and that is
why he did nothing.

But over all despite his bad decisions at times , is he qualified?
I suspect he is. Does he even want the job?

But I know of at least one other teacher at the high school
who would most certainly consider throwing her name into
the ring, as she has been finishing up her degree for a while

I think its important to promote from within.
I also think its important NOT to hire friends.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

INFO On Circuses

"The idea that it is funny to see wild animals coerced into acting like clumsy humans, or thrilling to see powerful beasts reduced to cringing cowards by a whipcracking trainer is primitive and medieval. It stems from the old idea that we are superior to other species and have the right to hold dominion over them."
—Dr. Desmond Morris, anthropologist, animal behaviorist, author

Emaciated Elephants Still Performing Elephants Still Performing

All I had to do what type in Circus. The idea of this
'Circus' coming to town , in not about 'which' circus
it is. It's not about who owns it , or manages it.

It's about the fact it is ethically wrong, at times abusive
the way these animals are treated.

I have included the link in the post just click on it.

We did not attend the last 'Circus' that came to town
and we will not attend this one.

I think they can expect the same type of controversy
regardless of whom they get.

They need to stop looking for the easy way out, and the
fast bucks, and pick a ethical fundraiser, even if it means
working for their money.

This is not what large animals were created for.
By attending this is telling your kids its 'o.k.' to
mistreat and abuse animals. Simple.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Are Being Watched...

Every once in a while I go into the stats
and check to see where everyone is coming

I have found a a couple regular visitors
are Madison t.v. stations. I wonder what
they are looking for or are they just looking.

I also get visitors from local papers, they
hate it when I get the 'scoop' first.


So the Lion's Club want to have a 'CIRCUS' at the
West Side Park? Pick a new fundraiser a
ethical one. They think they are taking the
easy way in terms of fund raising. Those poor
animals deserve SO much better. I encourage
everyone to BOYCOTT this event if it does come
to town. Even my kids know better.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Research .. ..

After I posted the article this A.M. on
T.R.I.S. not passing the N.C.L.B. test
I had some one tell me that ,

" At this stage though, when they fail
or score very low they actually get
more MONEY for preparation for
2013 so every one is compliant."

Money for failing?

I am going to make some calls and
see what I can find out.

I also want to get the stats for this
test as well.. I will post when I get
more info.

Is It Really That Hard Being A Teacher's Kid?

Some would say it has it perks.

Like when the entire class is told to settle down
and the teacher's kid is one the kids who continues
with the behavior and nothing is ever said
to her mom, and she does not get referred to
the office as others do.

Junior high can be hard, but not when you
get perks.

Is it really that hard being a teacher's kid
when during basketball practice when you
don't feel like doing one of the drills.. so you
don't and they still let you play in the game.

Is it really that hard being a teacher's kid
when she is not originally asked to help
with a certain project, but she whines
and complains until the instructor lets her

But what makes it worse is her mother
who is a special ed teacher in the T.R.I.S.
school seems to ignore her behavior.

She expects better behavior out of her
students than she does her own daughter.

Pretty damn sad would you not say?

A couple of parents whose daughters were
on the basketball team with her this year
and in some of the classes with her were
telling me about some of the things this kid

My friend teaches third grade in a neighboring
district, and her comment was when we were
discussing this was.. ' I would never teach where
my kids go to school.' So she does not have
to worry about these types of things.

Pretty damn sad that the daughter is allowed
to get away with this . Like I said so sad its
so hard being a teacher's kid.

Nice perks..

No Child Left Behind... Unrealistic???

I was quite surprised to find out that the T.R.I.S. school
did not pass the No Child Left Behind Test.. they are on
' that list.'

I am shocked. Seriously. I am not going to go into
details about how or why they did not pass. But I will
tell you it is not the entire school.. For this case I will
say the No Child Left Behind expectations have to be
changed. WHICH as many of you know is quite a
thing for me to say..

Because I do believe the government does need
to keep a eye on our public schools. They can not
be left to their own devices.. It has been shown
what happens when we do that. Graduating kids
that can not read or write..

Not just Evansville, but across the United States.
But this test has to be 'tweaked' .

Some of the expectations of this test are just
not realistic.

They have until 2013 to become compliant or
they will be sanctioned. This district can not
afford to lose any money at all.

I my self will be calling our local state reps
and our Senators to see what we need to do
to get some changes made. I am in no way
saying scrap the entire thing, just make
appropriate changes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 Milwaukee officers expected to survive shooting

I don't understand how anyone can shoot
someone else, regardless if they are a police
officer or not. What the hell happened to
them in their lives that makes them think
nothing of harming another human being?

I hope this guy never gets out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LAPD detective charged with capital murder

This I don't understand, the same thing
with Drew Peterson. Being officer's they
should know they will eventually get

How do you go everyday to your job
as a police officer knowing you broke the
law, that you killed someone.

I think it would be hard for her co-workers
to understand as well.

Congratulations Tami& Matt

My sister in law got married this last weekend.
I am still really tired. It was a long weekend.
I am very proud and very happy for her. She
dated some strange guys before meeting Matt.

Congrats to them!!!!!!!!

Thank You Steve

You will not find a teacher like Steve, one who is so
dedicated and loved going to work everyday.

He will be missed very much..

Enjoy your retirement Steve.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Evansville plans facility upgrades

I love it--- Pinwheels... that is great..

Is it not interesting that the city is once
again spending money that don't need to
on the extra's and hoping for federal funding.

Fix the damn sewer plant and don't add the
the bells and whistles we can't afford it.

Pin wheels that is great..

Evansville to repair collapsed creek walls

I am sorry this is not a 'need.' Where is the fund raising
that S.O.L.E. promised in a meeting, which by the way was
recorded. They said if they got their lake, they would do
fund raising... Another lie?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Evansville trying to buy properties to fix water issues

I bet they are. They should have done this years ago.
I feel for those people on the west side, those homes
never should have been built. It was a matter of total
greed by the contractors, and the city. These home
owners will never get for their homes what they paid
for them.. I drove through that area last month when
dropping my son off at a friend's.

People's sump pumps just a going by evidence of
streams of water and black hoses coming from
too many houses out there.

What is the city doing for all the individual home
owners who suffered a great loss by the damage
done by the water that enters their home 9 months
out of 12. Why don't they start by lowering their
taxes.. Because they sure the hell are not worth what
they are assessed at.

I talked with one family who is going to have to replace
the wall in their basement due to the damage.

This house is not even six years old yet, and they
are having to look at major foundation repairs.

Maybe if the city council did not jump and say 'yes'
every time someone wants to build.. Maybe if they
actually educated them selves.. this never would have

Because of THEIR poor choices.. Evansville tax payers


*** My house is 150+ years old. .. I don't need a sump pump,
and I don't get water in basement.. So sad these brand new homes
who NEVER should have had to worry about water.. sad at what
they are facing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Man charged in slaying of Kansas abortion doctor

I hope this guy never see's the light on day
again. and then some..

You don't have to agree with someone
but you don't get to kill them.

Air France Rio-Paris flight missing with 228 aboard

Very sad. Over 200 people on board.