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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Do The Post Office, The Old Fire Station, and The Current Police Station Have In Common.

It's really too bad more
time was not taken by the city
for current projects.

* The police station its
just ridiculous the location
that was
chosen and the amount of money
t will take to make it
o.k. It's already said its
not a permanent solution, that
its less room than where they are now.
In ten years something
will have to be done AGAIN.
What a waste. Lets not forget
taking money from our E.M.S.
to pay for it, maybe , but more
than likely.

* What about the post office
having gone in the Old Fire Station?
They are going to have to have some
where to go. If not here then...

* What about the post office going
in the current police station?
parking would be good, room for adding on..

But in Evansville they don't plan anything
just spend outrageous amounts
on temporary solutions.

IF they had taken the time ,
and given it some thought maybe it would
have occurred to them to put all three
E.M.S. , Police, and Fire all in one
location , one building.
. But lets not do something that makes sense. That
would be so unlike Evansville would it not.

I feel bad for E.M.S. ,, holding fund raisers,
collecting fees for the work they
do serving the community day in and out..
and they basically are the ones
getting screwed in all of this.
It seems like they should get a nice new
building as well..
But not only not give them a
nice work area and building
but take what money they have.

ONLY IN EVANSVILLE is there so little planning.
Just BIG spending.

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