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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Lost A Friend Today.

It is a very sad day at our house today. As I write this
its only been about a hour since I discovered one of our
little dogs passed away during the night. He left this world
sleeping next to our son.

It was my
youngest son's dog. He was not a young dog.
When he was
younger when I was folding socks , he would run up grab
a pair, and run and hide them in a corner.

He was the first one to run into the house , when you
said the word 'treat'. He did not mess around when
it came to food.

He and my son seemed to have a special connection,
he was his dog, and our dog saw him as his human.
His friend.

I am dreading having to tell my kids when they get up.
How do I tell my son, your best friend is gone?

I know he is up in Heaven probably running around
with a pair of socks.

He will be very sadly missed. He was a big part of our
family. I can not imagine our life without him.
He was a very good little dog.

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