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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Should Make TAX Paying Citizens Angry.

We want to THANK Mr. Connors for once again his honesty, and his
willingness to tell Evansville tax payers what is going on, and explaining
things very well..

Blogger Bill Connors said...

When I was city administrator, the city purchased the old ceramic shop (formerly a carpet store, and something else before that) and paid to fix it up for the youth center so the police department could move into the Dean building and be close to city hall. Then the city swapped property and paid cash to acquire the old Piggly Wiggly at the south end of the city. That building was going to be renovated to house both the public works department and the EMS. Now the police department and the EMS are going into the old fire station? Why did the city buy the ceramic shop and empty the Dean building? Why did the city acquire the old Piggly Wiggly? The problem is not lack of planning--it is lack of following the plan.

Please remember that the fact that property taxes in Evansville are high is not all caused by the city's spending. The county's, school district's, and technical college's spending decisions and tax base also have a big impact on your property taxes. Rock County has a very high property tax rate, because its property tax base is so poor. Dane County's property tax rate is far less. Union and Evansville should seek to detach from Rock County and join Dane County. Your property taxes would instantly drop by a lot.

Bill Connors
Former Evansville City Administrator

*** Look at all the money they spent,, and never followed through on
the original plan. Spend, Spend, Spend.

I think there is lack of follow thru, because there is lack of leadership.

Our taxes are not high just because of city spending this
is true.. BUT the city could do a much better job with
their spending.

I always think control the things you can.. Because
in life we can't always control things that happen
to us.

HOWEVER the city can control how much they spend.
They just seem to think they have a open checkbook.

Click on post for full article from ... The Observer ... Evansville's
true news source.

Check out Matt's comments as well.. He is so funny.. yet
very honest.. he is so right on.

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