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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Serious Talk: Vikings And Brett .... Go Brett!!!!!

There is serious talk of our Brett meeting with
the lowly Minnesota Vikings head coach.

I would have hoped that after a year he
could have let some of what happened go.

I would think Brett would know that for all
those thousands of fans who supported him
and who were repulsed by how the Packers
treated him, he would lose their support
if he goes and plays for the Vikings.

But on the other side, Thompson and
McCarthy should have been fired last year.

You don't treat someone who has given
their life to your team like they did Brett.

You just don't treat him like that.

They most definitely were not better off
with out him. We would have gone to the
play offs with him.

So if Brett ends up in Minnesota...

Go Brett!!!!!!

*** but i really wish you would just stay retired.

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