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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Parker teacher is PTA teacher of the year

I think it is so exciting to see someone so excited
about teaching and helping the students. Making
a difference.

However we have many teacher's like this
right here in Evansville.. Nominated for rewards
or not.

Any one of them would tell you, they did not
choose their teaching job for the money or
any type of reward.. Just the joy of knowing
they made a difference, of being able to see
the changes in their students.

Channel 3 is always taking nominations
for people who think their teacher is
the 'best'.

I think more than any reward or nomination
its just as important that you and your kids
tell the teacher's thank you.

Appreciate the small things , not just the big.

I know for the most part my kids have always
had out standing teachers.

It's the administration that could use some work.

So thank you to all the Evansville teachers for your
time and dedication, and for all the extra you do.

Thank You..

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