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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maybe They Should Do A Little Practicin What They Preach?

How many of you went into Surf for Ink when they
were still open?

I went in often , when I needed something even if
it was just paper clips. He did work on two of our

They carried a wide variety of office supplies and
printer ink..

When they first opened after about a month's time
I came right out and asked him if the city was
buying from him and the answer was NO>

and when I say city , I mean city hall.

I thought well give it some time. Most business
order in bulk, and when they run out they will
order from him...

When they were getting ready to close I asked
again if the city ever bought from him. I got
a NO> again.. Well how about that? The
city, city hall did not even support local business.
They shopped out of town for their main supplies.
IF they ran out of something they might stop in
but other wise NO>

*** NOW he did say the Police department did buy
computers from him. So they at least bought
local for some things.

But all this preachin from the city about shopping local.
Then where do they shop? OUT of town.

So what does that tell the rest of us? Go ahead
SHOP out of town.

So much for supporting local business. IF you would like
to still purchase ink at reasonable prices they still do have
their online store, surf for ink. Just google it.

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