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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It Is Not So Simple.

This last week in Evansville there was a
situation between police and a emotionally
upset man. It ended well as no one was

When I worked at American Family my
office was right next to Patti, she and I
became quick friends and seemed to have
the same sense of warped humor.

But we had one very real thing in common.
Some one in our immediate family who
suffered from a mental illness.

Her husband has suffered for years with
severe depression and has attempted
suicide a couple times.

One day she came into my office very upset
and handed me a email her husband had just
sent her.. I told her go.. I will let Jackie
know . Jackie being our supervisor, and Jackie
was well aware of the situation with her
husband. Before she left , she called the

The police met her at her home, and her
husband was no where to be found.

Which then a search began, and they
found him shortly at a location in Madison.
When they found him, they did draw
their guns, and took him into custody.

People at work were surprised they drew
their guns. Why would they do that for
a obviously sick man.

But what people need to remember is
often suicidal people who truly plan
on taking their own lives, don't care
if they take someone else with them.

Without knowing for sure if someone
has weapons, no chances can be
taken. Safety first for all.

Patti's husband spend some time in
the hospital and they tried again
adjusting his meds.

Mental illness is a very complicated
issue, not just the issue it self
but the fact is its not like having
a cold.

It can take months to get a
medication that works.
Some times medications work
for a couple months than stop.

Getting into see a psychiatrist is
not like getting in to see your
family physician. It can take

Some insurance does not cover
mental health, and when it does
its a fraction of physical health

So I am very grateful that
all ended well this last week
between this man and E.P.D.
they did a good job.

I still stand by my comment
he does not need a ticket, but

I would hope his family members
make sure the weapons are
removed from his home.

Sometimes people wonder how
we have coped. I find that I
laugh at the darnest things, its
either laugh or cry. I have
two other younger kids, so
spending my days crying is
not going to work. It is
stressful stuff.

I wish him well , and thank the
Evansville P.D.

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