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Monday, May 11, 2009

How Far Will They Go?

With the economy the way it is retail stores are looking
for ways to attract and keep the customers they have.

There have been a lot of good sales lately. How ever for
those who are unemployed , little good it does them.

They keep to the basics and that's about it .

I have worked retail in one form or another all my
adult life, even in high school I did. From store
retail associate to store manager, to area manager.
I have worked insurance, customer service.

So when I shop be it for groceries or insurance a
huge part of what I am looking for is GREAT CUSTOMER
Service. I have always enjoyed meeting and working
with new people, so to me it comes easy.

With the position I have right now I don't work
directly with customers. I miss it.

But I remind everyone I work with how huge
customer service is , how important. There is
no excuse for poor customer service. None.

I was in Target a couple weeks ago and they had
a smokin deal on a cast iron grill. Normally 44.00
on sale for 18.99,, or so I thought.

I got up to pay for my items and found out I
was mistaken, it was a different item on sale
for 18.99. The grill was full price. GUESS
what. They sold it to me for the 18.99.

I was shocked. I would have passed on
this grill, because eventually it would have
gone on sale. It could have waited until
it did.. But NO 18.99 was what they
sold it to me for.. I thanked them. I was
really surprised. Less than half. They
did not have to. I would not expect them
to do it again.

But the service I received will continue
to bring me back to Target. I like

I walked away thinking WOW they are
working hard to keep their customers.

It was not just the sale price I was given
they are always friendly there and go out
of their way to show their customers they
appreciate them.

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