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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Edgerton referendum draws near

WOW a town that actually takes the time to explain why they
want what they want . Not just sit in a meeting and spend
the money with out going to its citizens and saying ' hey folks this
is what we want to do and why.'

Really I am very sad to see them go to a new building. I love
old buildings, old houses. I think they just have such rich
history. I will say this city hall they are in now did not just
get in bad need of repair over night.

It's been happening for years. They just chose not to due
serious maintenance on it as the years went along and now
it is in some bad shape.

In the pamphlet they sent out, much like our own town
of Evansville and the lake issue, they were very vague
about the true costs of leaving things as they are. Because
they want what they want.

Edgerton has some very neat older buildings , several of which
have been sadly neglected for years. Maybe a lack of respect
for the history in their own town, I am not sure.

Does anyone remember when Evansville had to decide the same
thing years ago? Do we keep the old city hall and bring it up
to code and handicap accessible or do we build new or just move?

Our city hall has such history, its a beautiful building it and the
the library are the HEART AND SOUL OF EVANSVILLE. Sorry
just had to throw that in there. As that comment about the lake
being that was just stupid.

Many old, old buildings here in Evansville rich in history that we
need to make sure are taken care of and not abused over the years.

If a town such as Evansville, wants to continue to tout one of it's
draws being the historic district? They best take care of it.

But its laughable they try to push the 'historic' district so much
as its draw , as every damn town has a 'historic' district. As time
has shown over and over again, Evansville is going to have to do
better than that to bring people to town.

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