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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bigger Is Not Always Better...

My sister in law is getting married on June 6th.
I have been helping her with a lot of the details
and making final decisions on things.

When it came to the flowers, bouquets etc..
We stopped into the flower shop in New Glarus
as she ordered her cake from the New Glarus
bakery, we were already in town and just
thought it would be easier then running around
to some place else.

The lady who owns the shop is who we
talked with about flowers.. She was kind
of rude, and also wanted to charge 40.00
just for talking with us about what flowers.

The 40.00 did not go towards the order.
just 40.00 just because.

I told my sister in law as we were leaving
cancel your appt. to talk with them, we
have a nice flower shop in Evansville.

The next weekend she came over and we
met with Rose, at Evansville Floral.

Night and day comparing the place in
New Glarus to Rose. Rose was warm
and friendly and it was clear she
appreciated the business.

Now Rose's shop is definitely smaller
then the New Glarus flower shop, BUT
Rose beat their prices they had quoted
us the day we were into the N.G. Floral
shop. She was half of what the N.G.
place wanted. WHICH is odd that
New Glarus was so high, as it was
the same book Rose had. New Glarus
was high. NO real reason for it
being it was the same bouquets.

We have received excellent service
from Rose and I encourage
anyone to stop in and see her if
you are in need of plants or flowers
for any special occasion.

She is very talented and knows
her stuff...

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