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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susan Boyle considered leaving 'Britain's Got Talent' finale

She has got the most incredible voice.
The look on Simon's face the first time
she sang was priceless..

He is such a arrogant xxxx.

NYPD police officer killed by fellow officer

This is just sad.

Steele: No 'slammin and rammin' Sotomayor

It Is Not So Simple.

This last week in Evansville there was a
situation between police and a emotionally
upset man. It ended well as no one was

When I worked at American Family my
office was right next to Patti, she and I
became quick friends and seemed to have
the same sense of warped humor.

But we had one very real thing in common.
Some one in our immediate family who
suffered from a mental illness.

Her husband has suffered for years with
severe depression and has attempted
suicide a couple times.

One day she came into my office very upset
and handed me a email her husband had just
sent her.. I told her go.. I will let Jackie
know . Jackie being our supervisor, and Jackie
was well aware of the situation with her
husband. Before she left , she called the

The police met her at her home, and her
husband was no where to be found.

Which then a search began, and they
found him shortly at a location in Madison.
When they found him, they did draw
their guns, and took him into custody.

People at work were surprised they drew
their guns. Why would they do that for
a obviously sick man.

But what people need to remember is
often suicidal people who truly plan
on taking their own lives, don't care
if they take someone else with them.

Without knowing for sure if someone
has weapons, no chances can be
taken. Safety first for all.

Patti's husband spend some time in
the hospital and they tried again
adjusting his meds.

Mental illness is a very complicated
issue, not just the issue it self
but the fact is its not like having
a cold.

It can take months to get a
medication that works.
Some times medications work
for a couple months than stop.

Getting into see a psychiatrist is
not like getting in to see your
family physician. It can take

Some insurance does not cover
mental health, and when it does
its a fraction of physical health

So I am very grateful that
all ended well this last week
between this man and E.P.D.
they did a good job.

I still stand by my comment
he does not need a ticket, but

I would hope his family members
make sure the weapons are
removed from his home.

Sometimes people wonder how
we have coped. I find that I
laugh at the darnest things, its
either laugh or cry. I have
two other younger kids, so
spending my days crying is
not going to work. It is
stressful stuff.

I wish him well , and thank the
Evansville P.D.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Here He Is: Fairfax High School's Prom Queen, Sergio Garcia

Good for him. That is great his classmates
voted for him..

To be that young and comfortable in your
own skin, and with who you are.

Very Cool..

NYPD police officer killed by cop

How very sad. That has to be
devastating. Tragic.

Principal files complaint over missed high-five

This should do wonders for her career.

What Is 911 For?

It's not for calling and complaining about
your O.J. at McDonald's.

That is just stupid.

I hope most people know 911 is
for emergencys only.

I would love to know this guy's
reasoning for calling 911.

No manager on duty?

Drew Peterson calls in to radio showVideo

They never should have taken his call.
Called collect did he?

Top Republican calls Limbaugh, Gingrich comments 'terrible'

Rush Limbaugh & Newt Gingrich have become
nothing more than a distraction to the republicans.
No wonder why they don't get anything done and

all they do is fight.. Because they have these
guys flappin their jaws, with the intent of
causing a rift in the republican party. Their
own party.. I don't really know why anyone
pays attention to limbaugh anyway.. who is

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Former NYPD commissioner Kerik indicted

  • story Highlights
  • Bernard Kerik faces charges of making false statements to White House officials
  • Kerik was being vetted for secretary's seat at Homeland Security in 2004
  • Prosecutors allege Kerik concealed about $255,000 in apartment renovations
  • Kerik's lawyer: Another example of "overzealous pursuit" by Justice Department

Remains Are NOT Stacy Peterson's

I am not at all surprised by this. He has her
buried some where no where near where he
lives. That would have just been too easy.

They can and I do believe will prosecute him
for her murder with or without a body.

But then again if he is found guilty of
his third wife's murder .. he won't be
going anywhere any way.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dog returned home without teen

Tyson tragedy highlights hidden home dangers

Police stand-off in Evansville ends peacfully

Charges being considered? What he is needs
mental health services, not a damn ticket.

Lets get priorities straight. IT said
nothing about him threatening anyone.
Which I am sure it would have , had he.

Get him the help he needs so it does
not happen again.

Oh my gosh..

*** and yes take away the damn

The Smallest Thing..

This morning I had someone tell me how really
nice our yard was looking. Some thing so simple,
made my day..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Organizer Charged But Not Students For Underage Drinking Party

I don't see where he was ticketed for
under age drinking himself. Maybe he
was not.

Parker teacher is PTA teacher of the year

I think it is so exciting to see someone so excited
about teaching and helping the students. Making
a difference.

However we have many teacher's like this
right here in Evansville.. Nominated for rewards
or not.

Any one of them would tell you, they did not
choose their teaching job for the money or
any type of reward.. Just the joy of knowing
they made a difference, of being able to see
the changes in their students.

Channel 3 is always taking nominations
for people who think their teacher is
the 'best'.

I think more than any reward or nomination
its just as important that you and your kids
tell the teacher's thank you.

Appreciate the small things , not just the big.

I know for the most part my kids have always
had out standing teachers.

It's the administration that could use some work.

So thank you to all the Evansville teachers for your
time and dedication, and for all the extra you do.

Thank You..

Drew Still In Jail.. Judge Denies Request.

I wonder if reality has set in yet for Drew?
Good to know he is not going any where.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Join With The Observer In Giving Evansville E.M.T S A Big Thank You For Their...

We give our thanks to Evansville E.M.T.'S for their dedication
and service. If you click on the post the Observer has
a very nice picture of our local E.M.T.S...

Thank You.

Andy Rooney's Thoughts On Memorial Day, Andy Rooney On How Memorial Day Should Be Celebrated

I have always appreciated his way of approaching
different topics. He is a ww2 vet. I found his
thoughts interesting.

The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, the day we have set aside to honor by remembering all the Americans who have died fighting for the thing we like the most about our America: the freedom we have to live as we please.

No official day to remember is adequate for something like that. It's too formal. It gets to be just another day on the calendar. No one would know from Memorial Day that Richie M., who was shot through the forehead coming onto Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, wore different color socks on each foot because he thought it brought him good luck.

No one would remember on Memorial Day that Eddie G. had promised to marry Julie W. the day after he got home from the war, but didn’t marry Julie because he never came home from the war. Eddie was shot dead on an un-American desert island, Iwo Jima.

For too many Americans, Memorial Day has become just another day off. There's only so much time any of us can spend remembering those we loved who have died, but the men, boys really, who died in our wars deserve at least a few moments of reflection during which we consider what they did for us.

They died.

We use the phrase "gave their lives," but they didn’t give their lives. Their lives were taken from them.

There is more bravery at war than in peace, and it seems wrong that we have so often saved this virtue to use for our least noble activity - war. The goal of war is to cause death to other people.

Because I was in the Army during World War II, I have more to remember on Memorial Day than most of you. I had good friends who were killed.

Charley Wood wrote poetry in high school. He was killed when his Piper Cub was shot down while he was flying as a spotter for the artillery.

Bob O'Connor went down in flames in his B-17.

Obie Slingerland and I were best friends and co-captains of our high school football team. Obie was killed on the deck of the Saratoga when a bomb that hadn’t dropped exploded as he landed.

I won’t think of them anymore tomorrow, Memorial Day, than I think of them any other day of my life.

Remembering doesn’t do the remembered any good, of course. It's for ourselves, the living. I wish we could dedicate Memorial Day, not to the memory of those who have died at war, but to the idea of saving the lives of the young people who are going to die in the future if we don’t find some new way - some new religion maybe - that takes war out of our lives.

That would be a Memorial Day worth celebrating.

I will say Amen..
Thank you Andy Rooney.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Man Saves Dog By Sucking Venom From Nose

Did They Really Need To Laugh

I was talking with my neighbor the other day.
We were talking about things we wanted to get
done with our houses.

I was telling them that we have some friends
who do roofing that were going to help us
with 2/4 roofs this summer. Old house,
more than one roof. But we would
be right there doing most of it.

She started laughing and said she was
going to program 911 into her phone
right now.. She kept laughing , and

I really did not think it was that funny.

But it will be fun, I am sure we will learn a alot.

Jury Finds Mother Guilty In Prayer Death

This lady let her child die. She deserves prison time.
I don't know how she could do such a thing. She
had the responsibility to protect her child, and she
did not. I do not understand that at all . I have gone
to church my entire life, and would never let my child
suffer.. If I want to sit there with the flu, or other illness
that is my problem . But not my child. I always
take my kids when needed.

I don't understand how either parent could do this.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quit Giving This Woman Air Time.

She obviously thinks its more important to make money
than spending time with her family.

I have never watched the show. Just know about them
from the scandal.

Should not everyone with kids have a reality show?

So they have kids. Why a show..


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Humane Society will work with Vick

As long as he is never left alone with any
animal... I understand what he wants to do.
If he can make a difference great.

Michael Vick Free Man... Kind Of..

He is still going to be under house arrest for 2 months.
I also hope one of his conditions of release is he can
never again own any type of animal.

How ever he has done his time, I do hope he
plays football again, and I am sure he will.

Too talented not to.

Hundreds Of Animals Removed From Cazenovia Facility

How very sad. How did this lady get into this position?
I think she was well intentioned when she started.
But at some point you have to know you are in over
your head, and get help.

People had been filing complaints for months.

My friend has fostered through her rescue for the
D.H.S. ,, she is getting ready to take in several of
these dogs , once the D.H.S. has evaluated them.

She strongly suggests people if they can donate
to the D.H.S. as they are going to need help.

If not monetary than in supplies.

These poor babies, now maybe they can have
enjoyable lives.

I can not even begin to imagine having that many
dogs and cats,, and horses...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bigger Is Not Always Better...

My sister in law is getting married on June 6th.
I have been helping her with a lot of the details
and making final decisions on things.

When it came to the flowers, bouquets etc..
We stopped into the flower shop in New Glarus
as she ordered her cake from the New Glarus
bakery, we were already in town and just
thought it would be easier then running around
to some place else.

The lady who owns the shop is who we
talked with about flowers.. She was kind
of rude, and also wanted to charge 40.00
just for talking with us about what flowers.

The 40.00 did not go towards the order.
just 40.00 just because.

I told my sister in law as we were leaving
cancel your appt. to talk with them, we
have a nice flower shop in Evansville.

The next weekend she came over and we
met with Rose, at Evansville Floral.

Night and day comparing the place in
New Glarus to Rose. Rose was warm
and friendly and it was clear she
appreciated the business.

Now Rose's shop is definitely smaller
then the New Glarus flower shop, BUT
Rose beat their prices they had quoted
us the day we were into the N.G. Floral
shop. She was half of what the N.G.
place wanted. WHICH is odd that
New Glarus was so high, as it was
the same book Rose had. New Glarus
was high. NO real reason for it
being it was the same bouquets.

We have received excellent service
from Rose and I encourage
anyone to stop in and see her if
you are in need of plants or flowers
for any special occasion.

She is very talented and knows
her stuff...

This Should Make TAX Paying Citizens Angry.

We want to THANK Mr. Connors for once again his honesty, and his
willingness to tell Evansville tax payers what is going on, and explaining
things very well..

Blogger Bill Connors said...

When I was city administrator, the city purchased the old ceramic shop (formerly a carpet store, and something else before that) and paid to fix it up for the youth center so the police department could move into the Dean building and be close to city hall. Then the city swapped property and paid cash to acquire the old Piggly Wiggly at the south end of the city. That building was going to be renovated to house both the public works department and the EMS. Now the police department and the EMS are going into the old fire station? Why did the city buy the ceramic shop and empty the Dean building? Why did the city acquire the old Piggly Wiggly? The problem is not lack of planning--it is lack of following the plan.

Please remember that the fact that property taxes in Evansville are high is not all caused by the city's spending. The county's, school district's, and technical college's spending decisions and tax base also have a big impact on your property taxes. Rock County has a very high property tax rate, because its property tax base is so poor. Dane County's property tax rate is far less. Union and Evansville should seek to detach from Rock County and join Dane County. Your property taxes would instantly drop by a lot.

Bill Connors
Former Evansville City Administrator

*** Look at all the money they spent,, and never followed through on
the original plan. Spend, Spend, Spend.

I think there is lack of follow thru, because there is lack of leadership.

Our taxes are not high just because of city spending this
is true.. BUT the city could do a much better job with
their spending.

I always think control the things you can.. Because
in life we can't always control things that happen
to us.

HOWEVER the city can control how much they spend.
They just seem to think they have a open checkbook.

Click on post for full article from ... The Observer ... Evansville's
true news source.

Check out Matt's comments as well.. He is so funny.. yet
very honest.. he is so right on.

Poor Drew.. Still In Jail..

Drew thought Monday was the day he was going to
get sprung. Make bail..

But only if the Judge lowered his bail
from 20MILLION, to half a million.

Hello, .. that is quite a drop.
But the prosecution asked for a
new Judge which made it not
possible for the issue of bail to
be addressed.

I truly hope they don't let that
wife killing pig out ..ever.

He is mentally off.. reminds me
a lot of Scott Peterson. Living in
his own world.

They Are Not Celebrity's , They Are Crooks.

Shame on NBC. This woman is not a celebrity
she is a crook just as much as her husband.

She knew what he was doing, in fact she
was trying to play it so she got a job out of it.

That is rewarding them for bad behavior.

Maybe he can have a reality t.v. show from
prison.. He is a pig. I guess that would
make her Miss Piggie.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Celtics Lose..

I am sad that they got beat yesterday, but not surprised.
It has been a tough road for them with out Kevin Garnett.
Ray Allen has been hurt..

If they had gone on I am afraid Cleveland would have
really hurt them..

I have to wonder if Ray Ray won't retire . As my husband
said he still ' has game.' But he is getting older. I would
like him to play one more year... and then one more year
after that ... get where I am going with this.

He is so talented..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look At This Beauty..

How would you like to be locked in a kennel for going on
a year and a half?

That is what Abby's life has been.

She is at the Dane County Humane Society
and would love a home where she could run
and play.

Booking: 3930362
Name: Abby
Status: Available
Stage: Available
Site: Dane County Humane Society
Gender: Female
Species: Dog
Primary Breed: Beagle


Hi there! My name is Abby! I am a two year old, female, Lemon Beagle/Labrador Retriever mix! I am a beautiful girl that is super social and loves to give kisses! I am housetrained and take treats gently! I also know sit, shake and down! I enjoy playing with other dogs and cannot wait to go to my new forever loving home! I am a energetic girl who will need a owner that also has a zest for life! I need to go to a home with children 14 years and older due to my energy level. Please come and meet me today!

Edgerton referendum draws near

WOW a town that actually takes the time to explain why they
want what they want . Not just sit in a meeting and spend
the money with out going to its citizens and saying ' hey folks this
is what we want to do and why.'

Really I am very sad to see them go to a new building. I love
old buildings, old houses. I think they just have such rich
history. I will say this city hall they are in now did not just
get in bad need of repair over night.

It's been happening for years. They just chose not to due
serious maintenance on it as the years went along and now
it is in some bad shape.

In the pamphlet they sent out, much like our own town
of Evansville and the lake issue, they were very vague
about the true costs of leaving things as they are. Because
they want what they want.

Edgerton has some very neat older buildings , several of which
have been sadly neglected for years. Maybe a lack of respect
for the history in their own town, I am not sure.

Does anyone remember when Evansville had to decide the same
thing years ago? Do we keep the old city hall and bring it up
to code and handicap accessible or do we build new or just move?

Our city hall has such history, its a beautiful building it and the
the library are the HEART AND SOUL OF EVANSVILLE. Sorry
just had to throw that in there. As that comment about the lake
being that was just stupid.

Many old, old buildings here in Evansville rich in history that we
need to make sure are taken care of and not abused over the years.

If a town such as Evansville, wants to continue to tout one of it's
draws being the historic district? They best take care of it.

But its laughable they try to push the 'historic' district so much
as its draw , as every damn town has a 'historic' district. As time
has shown over and over again, Evansville is going to have to do
better than that to bring people to town.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Judge Says Wild Animals Are Protected In Deer Slaughter Case

Of course they are. These clowns were praying
there was a way out of this. I would like to see
them do some serious jail time. It is a very
thin line between abusing and killing a helpless
animal and abusing and killing a person.
Put these clowns in jail and keep them there for
a while.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You To A Very Brave , Smart Woman...

When I read this story I cried. What a very hard
unselfish, decision this woman made. My heart
goes out to her.

She did the right thing. Too many stories in the
news of people throwing away babies, in the garbage
along side roads.

I applaud her for what ever the reason for
doing this, for making sure her baby is taken
care of.

My thoughts and prays are with her and her child.

What Do The Post Office, The Old Fire Station, and The Current Police Station Have In Common.

It's really too bad more
time was not taken by the city
for current projects.

* The police station its
just ridiculous the location
that was
chosen and the amount of money
t will take to make it
o.k. It's already said its
not a permanent solution, that
its less room than where they are now.
In ten years something
will have to be done AGAIN.
What a waste. Lets not forget
taking money from our E.M.S.
to pay for it, maybe , but more
than likely.

* What about the post office
having gone in the Old Fire Station?
They are going to have to have some
where to go. If not here then...

* What about the post office going
in the current police station?
parking would be good, room for adding on..

But in Evansville they don't plan anything
just spend outrageous amounts
on temporary solutions.

IF they had taken the time ,
and given it some thought maybe it would
have occurred to them to put all three
E.M.S. , Police, and Fire all in one
location , one building.
. But lets not do something that makes sense. That
would be so unlike Evansville would it not.

I feel bad for E.M.S. ,, holding fund raisers,
collecting fees for the work they
do serving the community day in and out..
and they basically are the ones
getting screwed in all of this.
It seems like they should get a nice new
building as well..
But not only not give them a
nice work area and building
but take what money they have.

ONLY IN EVANSVILLE is there so little planning.
Just BIG spending.

Ray Allen Saves The Game.

Ray Allen, even though he was only a part of the win
made the game saving basket with 80 seconds left in
the game.

I hate to say this but I don't think the Celtics will win
the series. With out Kevin Garnett it has definitely been
a struggle for them. If they win this series it will be by
team effort and will. I would love for them to win.

But how many miracle endings can they have?

We love Ray Ray and the Celtics!!!!!!

Go Celtics!!!!!

Lies that could defeat health care

Last week Republicans on Capitol Hill held a strategy summit on how to defeat key parts of the president's health care plan.

At one point, Republican pollster Frank Luntz declared, "You're not going to get what you want, but you can kill what they're trying to do."1

Luntz wrote a confidential memo that laid out the Republican strategy: Pretend to support reform. Mislead Americans about the heart of Obama's plan, the public health insurance option. Scare enough people to doom real reform.

Since most people don't know much about the public health care option, these lies could take root if we don't fight back. Can you send this out to all your friends and neighbors?


The choice of a public health insurance plan is crucial to real health care reform. But right now, it's being smeared by conservatives and insurance-industry front groups. Here's what you really need to know:

1. Choice, choice, choice. If the public health insurance option passes, Americans will be able to choose between their current insurance and a high-quality, government-run plan similar to Medicare. If you like your current care, you can keep it. If you don't—or don't have any—you can get the public insurance plan.2

2. It will be high-quality coverage with a choice of doctors. Government-run plans have a track record of innovating to improve quality, because they're not just focused on short-term profits. And if you choose the public plan, you'll still get to choose your doctor and hospital.3

3. We'll all save a bunch of money. The public health insurance option won't have to spend money on things like CEO bonuses, shareholder dividends, or excessive advertising, so it'll cost a lot less. Plus, the private plans will have to lower their rates and provide better value to compete, so people who keep their current insurance will save, too.4

4. It will always be there for you and your family. A for-profit insurer can close, move out of the area, or just kick you off their insurance rolls. The public health insurance option will always be available to provide you with the health security you need.5

5. And it's a key part of universal health care. No longer will sick people or folks in rural communities, or low-income Americans be forced to go without coverage. The public health insurance plan will be available and accessible to everyone. And for those struggling to make ends meet, the premiums will be subsidized by the government.6

We all need to speak out to make sure we get real health reform. Please pass this email on, then call your senators and ask them to support the choice of a public health insurance plan. Here's the info for your state:

Senator Herb Kohl
Phone: 202-224-5653

Senator Russell Feingold
Phone: 202-224-5323

Then, help us track our calls by clicking here:

The public health insurance option is a big part of the change we fought so hard for last fall. We didn't let the smears beat Obama then. And we can't let new lies beat us now. Please forward this to everyone you know.

Thanks for all you do.

–Patrick S., Joan, Wes, Laura and the rest of the team


1. "Words Designed to Kill Health Care Reform," Huffington Post, May 7, 2009

2, 3, 4, 5, 6. "The Case for Public Plan Choice in National Health Reform," Institute for America's Future

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Should Miss California Have Kept Her Crown?

NO!!!! I am sorry that 'christian' girl should not have
kept her crown. She wants to go around preachin about
same sex marriage but does not know how to keep her
clothes on. I don't care what age she was.

It's clear she is not one who should judge anyone.

Charge Filed Against Police Officer Who Killed Neighbor's Dog

He never should have been given a gun.
What a MAN he must feel like.


We Lost A Friend Today.

It is a very sad day at our house today. As I write this
its only been about a hour since I discovered one of our
little dogs passed away during the night. He left this world
sleeping next to our son.

It was my
youngest son's dog. He was not a young dog.
When he was
younger when I was folding socks , he would run up grab
a pair, and run and hide them in a corner.

He was the first one to run into the house , when you
said the word 'treat'. He did not mess around when
it came to food.

He and my son seemed to have a special connection,
he was his dog, and our dog saw him as his human.
His friend.

I am dreading having to tell my kids when they get up.
How do I tell my son, your best friend is gone?

I know he is up in Heaven probably running around
with a pair of socks.

He will be very sadly missed. He was a big part of our
family. I can not imagine our life without him.
He was a very good little dog.

Monday, May 11, 2009

How Far Will They Go?

With the economy the way it is retail stores are looking
for ways to attract and keep the customers they have.

There have been a lot of good sales lately. How ever for
those who are unemployed , little good it does them.

They keep to the basics and that's about it .

I have worked retail in one form or another all my
adult life, even in high school I did. From store
retail associate to store manager, to area manager.
I have worked insurance, customer service.

So when I shop be it for groceries or insurance a
huge part of what I am looking for is GREAT CUSTOMER
Service. I have always enjoyed meeting and working
with new people, so to me it comes easy.

With the position I have right now I don't work
directly with customers. I miss it.

But I remind everyone I work with how huge
customer service is , how important. There is
no excuse for poor customer service. None.

I was in Target a couple weeks ago and they had
a smokin deal on a cast iron grill. Normally 44.00
on sale for 18.99,, or so I thought.

I got up to pay for my items and found out I
was mistaken, it was a different item on sale
for 18.99. The grill was full price. GUESS
what. They sold it to me for the 18.99.

I was shocked. I would have passed on
this grill, because eventually it would have
gone on sale. It could have waited until
it did.. But NO 18.99 was what they
sold it to me for.. I thanked them. I was
really surprised. Less than half. They
did not have to. I would not expect them
to do it again.

But the service I received will continue
to bring me back to Target. I like

I walked away thinking WOW they are
working hard to keep their customers.

It was not just the sale price I was given
they are always friendly there and go out
of their way to show their customers they
appreciate them.

Friday, May 8, 2009

20 Million Dollars Bond... I Hope He Never Gets Out..

He thought he was so smart. He probably still thinks
he is smarter than the police. It amazes me when any
one is law enforcement does something like this. They
more than anyone should know they will eventually get
caught. Even if it is years later.

Hopefully it won't be long before the grand jury
indicts him on Stacy's murder as well.

But this one should keep him in jail.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


He has been charged with murder of his THIRD wife.
NOT for Stacy.. I do think that will come.

As many know I have been waiting for this
slime ball to be put away for months now.

Toddler Found Alive After 2 Days In Woods

It is nice to have a happy ending.

Lawmakers Announce Smoking Ban Agreement

I said this quite a while back that eventually a state
wide band would go into effect regarding smoking.

It actually happened sooner than I thought.

This is great news for those of us who have had to
tolerate nasty cigarette smoke for too long.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scott Peterson blogs from death row

He is a freak. I would think his parents
must realize some where is their hearts
that he is guilty.. Unless they live in
lala land like he does.

I think its cruel he has not been
honest with his parents, and let
let them try to find some peace.

Not pass away fighting for him.

Texas police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims

Imagine that.. IN Texas.

Maybe They Should Do A Little Practicin What They Preach?

How many of you went into Surf for Ink when they
were still open?

I went in often , when I needed something even if
it was just paper clips. He did work on two of our

They carried a wide variety of office supplies and
printer ink..

When they first opened after about a month's time
I came right out and asked him if the city was
buying from him and the answer was NO>

and when I say city , I mean city hall.

I thought well give it some time. Most business
order in bulk, and when they run out they will
order from him...

When they were getting ready to close I asked
again if the city ever bought from him. I got
a NO> again.. Well how about that? The
city, city hall did not even support local business.
They shopped out of town for their main supplies.
IF they ran out of something they might stop in
but other wise NO>

*** NOW he did say the Police department did buy
computers from him. So they at least bought
local for some things.

But all this preachin from the city about shopping local.
Then where do they shop? OUT of town.

So what does that tell the rest of us? Go ahead
SHOP out of town.

So much for supporting local business. IF you would like
to still purchase ink at reasonable prices they still do have
their online store, surf for ink. Just google it.

Serious Talk: Vikings And Brett .... Go Brett!!!!!

There is serious talk of our Brett meeting with
the lowly Minnesota Vikings head coach.

I would have hoped that after a year he
could have let some of what happened go.

I would think Brett would know that for all
those thousands of fans who supported him
and who were repulsed by how the Packers
treated him, he would lose their support
if he goes and plays for the Vikings.

But on the other side, Thompson and
McCarthy should have been fired last year.

You don't treat someone who has given
their life to your team like they did Brett.

You just don't treat him like that.

They most definitely were not better off
with out him. We would have gone to the
play offs with him.

So if Brett ends up in Minnesota...

Go Brett!!!!!!

*** but i really wish you would just stay retired.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

We Are Pleased To Announce We Will Carry All Audio Of Meetings.

Just click on the link in the side bar. These are all
courtesy of the Evansville Observer. The next time
you see him make sure you thank him for the time
he puts in on covering the meetings. IF it were not
for him we would have no idea what they were up to.

But I do think that is what the council would like.
Everyone to leave them a lone and let them do as
they please..


Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Celtics WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a great game, a great series.. Just glad
to see them move on.

Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Little Fun , Sad But True. --Nostalgia: The Day the House on Church Street burned----or "We don't do no plannin, we just do what we Want"---a true

The Observer has such a way with stories. This is
a true one.

Those Celtics and Ray Ray..

I watch the Boston Celtics pretty much only
because of RayRay,, or Ray Allen to most.

Yes years after the trade of Ray Allen from
Milwaukee to Seattle, then Boston I am
still pouting over the fact that they would
dare trade him away.

Last night's game was just a killer.. 3 O.T.'s
Ray Ray looks great, had a great year. But
they lost .

Game 7 in Boston.. I predict they will kick

It makes me sick that L.A. looks like a
mighty strong team. I can not stand

Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!