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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why Would Anyone Do That To Them Selves..

I want to thank Mary Beaver and Sheriff Spoden for sharing
with us the scary fact that heroin is becoming a serious issue
in Rock County... I am for one am glad Mary asked for him
to come and talk.

It's one of those things you would like to think would
not effect our community, but it does.

I always thought that something so deadly, would be
expensive,, but have since learned it is cheap,, very cheap.

Which makes it all of a more of a threat.

When I had to go to court with my delinquent, there were
some girls there that were in Junior High who had been
caught bringing MoM&PoPS prescription drugs to school
and handing them out... Actually I don't know if they were
just handing them out, or if they were actually selling them.

But scary stuff..
My husband &I don't even share prescription drugs,
like when I had strep, and he thought he was getting it
as well.

He went and got his own. Because different drugs effect
people differently.. It's not a one size fits all.

I think its very scary what some of the kids, and adults
will do to them selves.

To think I had a wine cooler this weekend and thought
after words thought I really did not need that.

Pretty tame compared to some.

Click on post to listen to audio.

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