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Saturday, April 4, 2009

There Was Another Dog Like Ours...

We finally got to sit down and watch Marley and Me
last night. Wow that is the first movie in a long time
that made me cry...

But I think anyone with animals could cry at this one.
Because we all will face the day when we have to say
good bye to our beloved pets.

But Marley... this is so our hound dog..
even considered renaming the hound to
Marley,, but was out voted by the family.

But our hound, and I say that with love has
and does every last thing that Marley did in
the movie..

We are now on our third coach..
since the hound came to live with us.
and no we
don't buy new.. who would with a hound that
eats the furniture.

But so far so good .. with the set we just got.
But she is getting older and out growing some
bad habits.

But when we use knives they have to go in
the dishwasher immediately, if left on the
counter, she gets them and chews on them.

YES she is a intelligent hound...

We could have re homed her months ago.

We probably should have.

But she is learning, and she loves us..

She did not ask to come and live with us.

For that matter my husband and I did not ask her
to either.

My oldest son did... this is his hound.. but
you would never know it..

She was suppose to move out with him.. the
problem being he has not moved out yet.

and he is still talking service..

Which means when he goes , she would not.

She is a good girl.. She has never hurt anyone
intentionally.. She is better behaved than she

But watching that movie last night ,, it was good
to know there are other dogs like ours..

My mom used to say 'don't get anything to nice
until your kids are older.' Now she says don't
get anything nice until ' you get rid of that dog.'

Sorry mom I think she is here to stay.

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